45 of the Greatest Feelings.

  1. Getting into bed with freshly washed bed sheets after a long day.
  2. Surprises. (that are good)
  3. When deadlines get extended.
  4. Bank Holiday weekends.
  5. Finding money in an old coat pocket.
  6. The satisfied feeling after a good meal.
  7. Getting a grade better than you expected.
  8. When someone goes the extra mile for you.
  9. Befriending an animal.
  10. Listening to the rain while you’re dry and warm inside.
  11. When the weather behaves for the event that you planned.
  12. Buying something then realising its half price when you get to the till.
  13. When someone remembers your tea requirements.
  14. The smell of your favourite meal cooking.
  15. Spontaneous days or night out that turn out better than expected.
  16. Ordering greasy food when you’re hungover.
  17. ‘Eureka’ moments.
  18. Doing something nice for someone without letting on that you did it.
  19. Freshly shaved legs and a new manicure/pedicure.
  20. Waking up naturally a little bit before your alarm.
  21. A good breakfast variety in a restaurant.
  22. Achieving something someone said you couldn’t do.
  23. Laughing until you cry.
  24. Catching up with old friends without it being awkward.
  25. Good hair days.
  26. The moment you finish exam period or hand in coursework.
  27. Watching the sunset.
  28. Knowing you are in the right place at the right time.
  29. Managing to catch the train.
  30. Being brought flowers.
  31. Crossing everything off your to-do list.
  32. Redecorating/tidying/organizing your room or space so that it looks and feels ten times better.
  33. Realising its not as late as you thought it was.
  34. A book or film ending the way you wanted it to.
  35. When cashiers are friendly.
  36. Compliments from strangers.
  37. Being in the perfect happy stage of not drunk but very tipsy.
  38. Putting on comfy clothes after a long day.
  39. Eating warm food after being in the snow.
  40. Having the perfect cup of coffee.
  41. Realising the size of the earth and remembering the insignificance of your problems.
  42. Family time.
  43. Finding a really good book.
  44. Being the perfect temperature.
  45. Proving somebody smart wrong.

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