Bravo Bourjois.

I’d been eyeing up some of the newer parts of the Bourjois range for a while but hadn’t really got around to purchasing anything. Whilst shopping online last night I noticed that boots were doing an online and in store offer – 2 products for £14. Game Changer. After much deliberation about the 14 things I wanted I managed to narrow it down to just 2 (trust me it was so hard not to get 4 for £28 but my budget just wouldn’t stretch far enough) I decided on Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in the shade ‘don’t pink of it’ and the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.

I’d wanted to buy one of the rouge edition velvet lipsticks since one of my friends let me borrow it on a night out (thanks Hollie) and fell in love. It’s designed like most lip glosses, rather than a lipstick making it (for me) much much easier to apply. As it dries it turns into a matte or ‘velvet’ texture which is silky soft on your lips (and  is also kind of similar to the matte finish Kylie Jenner has on her famous lips.) I absolutely adore this shade for every day wear and most likely will be purchasing ‘Grand Cru’ or ‘Hot Pepper’ for night’s out.The only downside to this product was the smell, which to be honest I was a little shocked about as so many Bourjois products smell amazing. Its a little bit off-putting especially as you’re applying it to your lips, however the look, texture and application definitely make up for this and I cant wait to get my mitts on some other shades!

I bought the Healthy mix Serum Foundation in shade 053 (Light Beige) – for about half hour I couldn’t decide between 052 and 053 but I decided with summer on its way I’d opt for the darker of the two, hoping that I’ll get a fantastic tan with the gorgeous weather we have during English summertime. Unlike the lipstick, this smells damn good. Its coverage is average but it does feel light on the skin rather than heavy. Whilst I don’t have a tan I’ll probably mix this with my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (100, Ivory) to lighten it up slightly.

I’d definitely recommend getting down to boots or doing some online shopping because this deal means you save so much (the foundation is £10.99 on its own) and I’d definitely, definitely recommend the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks!!

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