Minature soap and glory heaven???


QUESTION: What’s one thing better than your average soap and glory set?

ANSWER: The miniature ones you can buy from boots for just £2.50, obviously.

Soap and glory is probably one of my favourite every day brands of all time. If it isn’t their heavenly scent that addicts you it will be the quality of their products from the creamy consistency of their body butters to their quirky puns on their packaging. My all time favourite soap and glory product is calm one, calm all bubble bath, which if you haven’t tried you must do immediately! It’s one of those bubble baths that relaxes you so much you could stay in the bath for the entire evening. Recently, I got my hands on THE cutest travel sized products from boots, that are ridiculously cheap! I picked up Hand Food, which I love as I can throw it in my hand bag and be safe in the knowledge that if my hands ever feel at all dehydrated, this will work wonders. I also have the righteous butter (haha) body lotion, which contains Aloe Vera making your skin feel sensational! 

I think I’m going to have to try out the orangeasm body wash and the peaches and cream deep cleansing milk because they sound absolutely amazing, and I will review them once I have. 

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