Primark & Wagamama’s.

After managing to go into Primark in Birmingham and not spend a penny, I assumed I could go to Primark in Oxford and keep my bank balance undamaged? WRONG. I picked up an entire basket full but managed to sort through it to only a £50 spend. Pictured below are some of the items I bought. Cardigan £18, Trousers £9, T-Shirt £6, Shoes £5.

After I went to Wagamama’s which was absolutely packed! I can never decide if I love or hate the seating arrangement in Wagamama’s (If you’ve never been its one of those restaurants with long tables that you share with other customers) I really love this kind of thing at places like YO! sushi, but that might be because sushi is more nibbly whereas when i want a sit down meal I want to eat in peace, and when I can barely get into the bench without kicking the stranger next to me I don’t feel very relaxed. I ordered Chicken Katsu Curry which I’ve had before but wasn’t as much of a fan of this time. The only saving grace for Oxford’s Wagamama’s was the fried duck gyoza’s that completely saved the day and I could eat an entire bowl of now. Wagamama’s menu link.

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