New beginnings

After totally putting this blog on hold for 7 months and the entire time I’ve been studying at university I’ve decided to revisit the idea of blogging – partly because its nearly summer and there’s some interesting arty things I want to blog about and a few places I want to visit and also blog.

I’ve almost finished my second semester at the University of Lincoln (studying fine art) and I absolutely love it! Despite my course being a lot crazier then I expected there is never a dull moment, and whilst my friends are writing essays and sitting exams I’m building miniature art galleries with cake, or poking raw spaghetti into blocks of lard – don’t ask. I absolutely love my uni flat and we even have a balcony – I don’t ever want to move into our new house (mainly because its an extra 10 minutes away from campus meaning less time in bed) So, I only have four weeks left of my first year which is absolutely insane! I’m hoping to try get back into blogging just in time for summer (but we will see.)

I hope everyone’s having a lovely easter weekend!

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