03/31. All in the name of art.

Everyone knows that sometimes art gets a little bit weird, right? (well my flatmates certainly do) but how weird does it really get? and how far do artists go? I have therefore compiled Carrie’s top three brilliantly bizarre works. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

#1, Piero Manzini – Artist’s shit.

Yep, its what you’re thinking. 90 tins each labelled from 1-90 containing 30 grams of ‘freshly preserved’ excrement. Manzini claimed ‘if collectors want something intimate, really personal to the artist, there’s the artists own shit, that’s really his.’ But want to know the craziest part about this artwork, yes it does get crazier, in October 2015 just ONE of these tins (number 54 if you wanted to know) was sold for £182,500. Moral of the story? Want to make it in the art world – sell your shit in tins.

Sorry the gif was just too appropriate to not include.

#2, Hananuma Masachiki.
This one’s a sad story. So Masachiki was a Japanese artist who was diagnosed with tuberculosis, once he found out about this he began to create a sculpture that aimed to be identical to himself as a parting gift for the women he loved. He worked in a room with mirrors on every wall so that he would be able to study himself from every angle, and then created the sculpture from strips of dark wood. It is believed that it was put together so intricately that you cannot see any joins or seams even when you look at the piece of work through a magnifying glass.

And again – it get crazier…  So how did he create such an identical sculpture? With great sacrifice. The sculptor went so far with this piece that he created individual holes for each pore on his body, and then plucked his own hairs from his actual body to use them on the sculpture. Likewise he removed his fingernails and added these to the sculpture too, some even go as far as saying that he removed his own teeth for his work – whether this is true I’m not sure. When completed Masachiki created exhibitions where he stood next to the sculpture motionless and the audience were baffled and confused as to which was the real Masachiki.

The sad part of the story is that although Masachiki managed to live on for 10 more years, his wife left him (presumably for the sculpture) and Masachiki died a lonely and poor man and perhaps, without teeth.

In case you were curious, the real Masachiki is on the right.

#3, One you’ve probably already seen but still worth a mention… Mark Quinn – Self.

Quinn’s self portraits are made from ten pints of his own frozen blood that he took from his own body over a period of five months. This work is an ongoing project as Quinn creates a new sculpture every five years. In April 2005 this piece sold for 2.8 million dollars! As for context behind the work his website states ‘ The work was made at a time when Quinn was an alcoholic and a notion of dependency – of things needing to be plugged in or connected to something to survive – is apparent since the work needs electricity to retain its frozen appearance.’

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