9/31. DAY 1 TORQUAY.

We left at 6am (an hour me and Ryan do not function well at resulting in a napping car journey) and arrived in Torquay at about half 10. The sun was shining and I could smell the seaside (I hope everyone knows the seaside smell I’m referring to) so we parked up and went straight down to the beach to enjoy the weather and wait until we could check in.

After some rock pooling, paddling and sunbathing we went to check-in and our ensuite was amazing! We stayed in a B&B just down the road from Ryan’s family, called The Belmont. We got ready for dinner and booked a table at Las Iguanas, but with some time to kill before our reservation we explored the harbor and had a go in the arcade.

Our meal at Las Iguanas was delicious! I ordered the sizzling fajita’s and Ryan ordered a burrito and a side of fries. It was fairly pricey but so worth paying for! A perfect way to end such a lovely day. (My photo of the food doesn’t really do it justice as I forgot to take a photo – I really must of been hungry, so as you can see Ryan has basically already finished and i’m half way through creating a fajita!)  We walked back to our B&B and snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea and watched some Olympics. 


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