15 Facts about me.

I’ve kinda done this one already way way way back when I started my blog – so I’m going to try my hardest to not repeat myself too much and think of some weirder facts about me.

1. *Christmas special* I’d chose either a Milkyway or a Malteaser out of a tub of celebrations, but a caramel out of heroes or roses and the orange crunch out of quality street.

2. Currently obsessed with all clothes mesh or lace but it will never beat my clothing addiction to fluffy or fury things. I would live in fluffy pj’s if I could.

3. My lucky number is 32 and it has been for as long as I can remember, but I have absolutely no idea why because the number doesn’t really mean anything to me at all.

4. My name could of been Summer or Molly but then my parents chose Carrie.

5. I’m a massive animal lover with the exception of horses that I just think are kinda ugly and gross.

6. I’m one of those people that like there tea disgustingly milky (Well, I don’t find it disgusting obviously) and I have 2 sugars too – although I am trying to have no sugar anymore.

7. I think bath bombs are massively overrated and I never ever use them – why would I pay loads of money to get into a bath that’s a weird colour. I want clean water not some pink glittery shit.

8. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it’d probably be either a tuna melt OR prawn and red pepper sushi. If I had to drink one thing for the rest of my life it’d be coke (although on second thoughts I know i’d get sick of it and be really unhealthy so I’d have to pick water.)

9. I’ve never ever ever wanted to go to Disney Land. Don’t really get what the hype is about? I don’t want to walk around with mouse ears on, I get it for kids maybe (although I wasn’t even fussed then) but I don’t really care about seeing people dressed up in costumes now. Sounds sooo boring. Having said this, I do love a good Disney film, name a Disney film I haven’t seen.

10. I now love minimalist art when I used to hate it and think it was pointless and shit.

11. I watch way too much Netflix series. My favourites have got to be (in order): Orphan Black, PLL, Gossip girl, Suits, Stranger things, How to get away with murder and I’ve just started watching Black Mirror.

12. Cocktails > Vodka & Mixer / Rose > White wine > Gin > Prosseco / Champagne > Cider > Red Wine > Beer >  Rum.

13. My hair grows so so quickly. I give it a trim like every 2 weeks.

14. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do / where I want to go in the future – but I know it involves something arty!

15. I am very much convinced I will have a better day if I wear good underwear and nice socks. Actually puts me in THE best mood.

Thanks for reading! X

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