What is your blog name and why?

Carried—away. I feel like this is pretty obvious. My name is Carrie so it’s just a play on words with my name and the phrase getting carried away, although I do really like it because I think my blog is somewhere I can get carried away with things. It has so many hyphens because it wouldn’t let me have less, ideally it’d just be carried-away. I kinda read it as carrie’d-away though – that’s how I would write it if it wasn’t a website link.

My top 5 Pet Peeves.

1. RUDE CUSTOMERS. GAHHHHH. Working in retail is just soo much worse when customers are rude. When people just dump the stuff they’re buying on the counter. Or blame me for something I can’t do anything about. Or stay on the phone the whole time I’m serving them (some times this doesn’t bother me if they acknowledge me nicely but being blanked entirely just drives me insane.) Vice versa I hate it when I get served by a rude member of staff- considering I work in retail I’m super conscious about being nice to who is serving me –  I get that you might be having a long hard day but don’t take it out on me.

2. People who are really self-righteous and think I care about their shitty opinion above everyone else’s ummmm nope adios.

3. When I hang out with someone and they go on their phone loads. This isn’t as bad if they’re good at multitasking and can hold a conversation at the same time. Phones are for when you’re bored let’s do something fuuuuunnnnnn.

4. People who put there food on their table with no plate or their kitchen counter. I literally do not care how clean it is or if its just been wiped I just find it so annoying to watch. Get a plate pleaaaaaase!

5. Fake laughing. It really doesn’t get more annoying than a fake high pitched laugh.

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