REVIEW: NYX Soft matte lip cream vault.

I received this lip vault as a Christmas present, however didn’t want to review it until I’d tested out all the different colours (and there’s so many different shades that its taken me until now.)

First things first this lip vault cost around £80. Altogether you get 36 mini lipsticks from the soft matte lip cream range making them about £2.20 each – which sounds waaay more affordable. I think the great thing about buying a huge vault is that you get to try a range of colours that you may not ordinarily pick up. Having said this, some colours I would completely rule out for my skin tone, those that are very light pinks or nudes, or oranges. Therefore if there are a lot of colours you wouldn’t use, it makes those you would use obviously more expensive – something to think about. I’m pleased with the colour range as there is a higher quantity of the shades I would use on an everyday basis rather than 12 different shades of blue, but still include the odd few quirky colours to mix things up a bit.

In terms of the lipstick consistency, they are very easy to apply and have a smooth velvet-like finish. They are different to an ordinary liquid lipstick in that they are less drying and staining but much more creamy, which I prefer as they do not dry my lips AT ALL – if anything, they feel more hydrated. Also, unlike some liquid lipsticks I have they are easy to remove if you make a mistake – which I quite like. The colour pay off is quite good, but obviously not as strong due to the creamy texture. I’d say for the price, these last a very reasonable amount of time, not all day but a good few hours.

I absolutely adore the mini’s just because they’re so damn cute! They’re easy to have two or three in your handbag or clutch without taking up barely any room. They obviously don’t last too long and some of my favourite colours have ran out, although I think this vault is perfect for deciding what you like and what you’re going to repurchase.

Overall I’d rate the product a 4/5 and it has me set for most of the colours I could ever wish for! I’d recommend a purchase. My favourite colour is either Berlin or Copenhagen, both of which I’ll be buying a full size of.

Thanks for reading!

If you’re interested in buying the NYX Lip Vault click here!

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