Alveare Exhibition.

It’s been such a hectic past few weeks for me with uni deadlines but my second year is finally coming to and end and all the hard work and late nights are actually seeming to pay off! I thought it’d be nice to write a little blog post about my most recent exhibition!

First things first, the exhibition was part of our assessment for one of my second year modules. We were assessed on putting together, hosting and curating an entire exhibition. It might not sound like a hard job, but I can assure you it definitely is. We were responsible as a group to find a space, create a theme for the work, create our own artwork, promote and advertise our exhibition, host an opening night, create a website, create catalogues and run the exhibition for a period of time. Our work as a group massively varied from photography to sculpture, but it all worked well with our theme of the domestic, all responding differently to what home was to us.
My work was a wire installation, initially based around the concept of what makes somewhere feel like your home? Could my objects turn somewhere (an exhibition space) into a home? The concept changed and developed throughout the project and here is an image and description of my final exhibition work:

Bare Essentials (2017).“My wire sculptures are based around items associated with the home. The use of wire aims to strip back the objects, leaving a ‘skeletal-like’ structure, removing the colour and design from the original product. Displaying the work in a building listed as a shop emphasises the sculptures as products, as oppose to belongings. The work questions: What makes somewhere a home?”

If you’re wanting to find out more about our exhibition, and the other artist’s who I worked alongside (they’re really great check them out) visit the website for our exhibition linked here:

The opening night for our exhibition was genuinely one of the proudest moments of my life, its not very often I’m pleased with my art work, but with so much effort and time put into the entire exhibition from all of us as a group, it was so lovely to relax with a glass of bubbly and see people appreciate your work. Exhibiting in such a small group made the entire process so much more rewarding than any exhibitions I’d done before, and even getting random people photograph and comment on my work was one of the greatest feelings.

Now I just have some written work to finish off and second year will be completed! I have no idea how it’s been two years since I came to uni, it genuinely feels like about a month, so crazy! If you’re interested in my artwork please go take a look at my art website!

Thanks for reading! XX

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