A day in Skegness | Seaside must-do’s

Now that all my uni work is over I feel like I’ve got so much more free time, and the weather has been beautiful recently so me and my boyfriend decided to go on a spontaneous day trip to Skegness. If you didn’t already know I’m studying at University of Lincoln so Skegness is only about 2 hours away on the train. I’m breaking up this blog post into my three seaside must-do’s…
1. The beach (obviously)
When we arrived it was beautiful weather so we walked straight down to the beach and bought some nibbles from shops along the way and had a bit of a beach picnic which was really nice. We also had a little walk along the shore line and dipping my toes in! We also sunbathed for a bit because it was so hot, although I actually ended up burning my back and shoulders a little bit. 
2. Fish & Chips.   
I’m not the biggest fan of fish and chips in my day-to-day life however my one exception is when I’m by the seaside. Seaside fish and chips tastes so much better than any other fish and chips, so its just gotta be done whilst you’re there. We went to ‘Travellers Catch’ because of its really quirky interior that was pirate themed. The fish and chips were lovely, I just ordered a mini fish and chips which was still absolutely hugeeee!
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3. Arcades (guilty pleasure)
You”re lying if you say you don’t enjoy a 2p machine. I don’t know why they’re so much fun or so addictive when you’re obviously not going to win anything but they just are. We played around and probably wasted far too much money in the arcades which there are loads of in Skegness.
We had a really lovely day in Skegness, and I can’t believe I hadn’t been there before even though I now live pretty close! Do you have any seaside must-do’s? Let me know!
Thanks for reading, Carrie X

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