What’s in my bag?

I thought I’d do a bit of a different post today and show you some of my handbag essentials, both new items that I’m currently loving and some old favourites too! So starting off with my bag, I’m currently using a brown leather Fiorelli bag which I’m going to wear until death as it is THE perfect handbag! I carry so much rubbish in my bag I always need a huge one so this was perfect for me.

Secondly, summer essential, sunglasses. I looked literally everywhere for a pair of sunglasses that had this red kind of reflective lens, and had no luck, nowhere seemed to sell them. Then one day in Primark I spotted these beauty’s for just £3. I couldn’t love them more, and might even have to purchase a second pair in case I lose or break these ones! (and knowing how clumsy I am, I probably will!)

I recently got sent a gorgeous purse from a company called Leather & Thread*. Its in the ‘Signo’ design which is made to be super simple and practical, and the perfect size to fit in your back pocket if you’re not wanting to take a bag out with you. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for a smaller purse for a night out or just don’t want to rummage through a huge on all the time – just essentials can be kept in here. It feels likes super good quality and I love the minimalist design, its made from a single piece of leather which minimalises weakness points so that it’ll last for longer. I couldn’t believe how well it matched my handbag too, great coincidence!  All of their products can be branded with your initials, and on the back of this purse there is a little ‘C.P’ – how adorable?! The Signo purse is currently £44 on the Leather & Thread website, but you can use my discount code ‘CP15‘ for 15% off your entire order. I’m definitely eyeing up their Sinus card holders and gorgeous belts too, go and have a browse of their website by clicking here!

Soap and Glory’s hand food has always been one of my handbag essentials for as long as I can remember. It’s one of the first hand creams I think I ever used and I just love the scent of soap and glory so it was a keeper. I don’t actually get particularly dry hands, but its just one of those things that I kinda enjoy to do and make my hands feel and smell amazing!

I recently mentioned the next one in my beauty 12 review (if you haven’t read it you can click here!) but it’s the Demes ‘Butter me up’ moisturiser stick. I loved this so much it went straight into my handbag and I’m currently using it everyday. I cannot recommend this enough, one of my favourite lip balm’s I have ever used. It glides on like an absolute dream and makes my lips feel sooo moisturised. If you ever get dry lips definitely give this brand a try as I just have never tried a lip balm as nice, and you can also use on your body too, particularly on dry areas like elbows and knees! I have it in the scent Tangerine and Vanilla which smells amazing, but there is tons of different varieties which you can check out here.

The teeeny tiny perfume in the picture, is a tinnnnnny 5ml Versace ‘Bright Crystals.’ Obviously, I love the smell and the tiny bottle is perfect to pop in my handbag if I ever want perfume on the go! I actually got this mini bottle from a Superdrug promotion where it came free with 3 skincare products, but I think you can buy it online too. Its a really summery fragrance that’s light a fresh, and I don’t like a perfume to be too strong and overwhelming, and this isn’t! I also love keeping those tiny spray vials you can get from perfume stores when they’re promoting in my handbag, perfect for emergency perfume top-up’s.

Another product I was kindly sent recently is some spearmint gum from a brand called Chewsy*. The reasons I love this brand was that I hadn’t seen any gum before that was similar to this. The all-natural gum contains no sugar and all of the 5 ingredients used are from trees! A lot of “normal” gum brands contain loads of horrible ingredients that aren’t great for your body, but also aren’t good for the environment. Chewsy’s being completely natural also means it’s completely biodegradable… so long story short this gum is better for you, and better for the planet. The flavour is just as good as any other gum and it comes in small cube size pieces – so definitely will be opting for this from now on! They also do a lemon flavour which sound really interesting! If you’re interested in this gum you can check out their website linked here!

I’ve mentioned this in my Charlotte Tilbury haul (click here to read) but I keep this mini ‘legendary lashes’ mascara in my hand bag – partly because I wan’t overwhelmed with the mascara (nothing will beat my love for Too Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara) so I knew I wouldn’t use it every day- but with it being a mini its perfect for just keeping in my hand bag for when I need a touch-up! Similarly I have a spare concealer, Collection’s ‘Lasting Perfection’ is kept in my bag for emergency cover ups!

The current camera I’m using is the Fuji fine pix. To be entirely honest with you, this one is a bit of a lie, to make my flat-lay look a little more interesting, as this doesn’t constantly stay in my handbag. It’s pretty heavy and I wouldn’t lug it around on an everyday basis, however if I’m doing something where I’m going to be taking lots of photos, or something blogging orientated this comes with me. I’m actually on the search for a camera upgrade though, so if anyone has any camera advice or recommendations or is using something great at the moment let me know!

The other bits and bobs is just some hoop earrings, an essential to glam up any outfit if my plans change. Hair goes down, hoops go on. My hair brush, for my previously mentioned point. And some headphones which I don’t use an awful lot but they always just stay in my handbag in case I ever need them! There’s also my watch too, which is a weird one to include in What’s in my bag, but as I always forget to wear it to work I actually just let it partly live in my bag now – weird one, but honest!

And that’s everything that’s currently in my everyday bag, hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your everyday essential item is! Thanks for reading, Carrie X

*These products were gifted to me however my opinions on products will always remain honest.

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