REVIEW | Accessorize’s Love Lily & Monsoon’s Rose Gold Fragrance.

Hello, today’s post is all about a review of these gorgeous fragrances I was recently sent! It was perfect timing as I’m so low on all my favourite perfumes, and I was looking for something new and a little more summer-y and floral. The two fragrances I was kindly gifted were Accessorize’s ‘Lovelily’ and Monsoon’s ‘Rose Gold.’

First off, we have to talk about how impressive the packaging is for both of these. The Monsoon fragrance is a bloggers dream. The outer box is all white with a rose gold centre and gold writing. The bottle match with its rose gold details, and looks like a very classy perfume! The accessorize one is the opposite, bright and colourful and screams summer. My favourite part of the accessorize bottle has got to be the lid, as it has a 3D flower design inside the lid itself – so pretty! But more important than packaging, how did they smell?

Accessorize’s Love Lily.
This perfume has a really sweet and fruit scent. It almost smell’s a little bit vanilla-y, so if you’re somebody who loves a sweet scent this is definitely for you! It’s a really light floral smell and also a little bit zesty. You can buy a 75ml bottle of Love Lily fo just £19, which I think is such a bargain for a perfume that lasts just as long as so many that cost triple the price!

Monsoon’s Rose Gold.
This perfume is a lot more of a musty smell, and something I’d love to wear more in the evening or for a night out. It’s quite a strong fragrance compared to Love Lily, but I really like a perfume that lasts a long time, and this one does. My mum also loved this one and has been stealing it off me! This perfume can be bought for £35 for a 100ml bottle, which again, I think is a really reasonable price! (I think I’d pay that just for that gorgeous packaging!)

I think both the perfumes are gorgeous, but if I had to pick a favourite I’d probably go with Accessorize’s Love Lily, as I love everything that smells sweet and its also just so perfect for a summers day! I think at the minute I see Love Lily as a day time fragrance and Rose Gold as a night out one, but I also think I’ll be reaching for Rose Gold a lot more as autumn approaches!

If you’ve tried either of these perfumes let me know what you thought, and what is your perfect perfume scent? Thanks for reading, Carrie. X

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