REVIEW: Penclic R3*

Hello everyone, I’ve got a bit of a different blog post today all about a new gadget I tired this week – The Penclic R3. Is it the perfect gadget for us bloggers or is it a waste of money? Keep reading to find out!

If you’re not sure what this device is, it’s basically a wireless mouse in the shape of a pen, with a scrolling wheel and a right and left click. It works in the exact same way as a mouse, except for claiming to prevent repetitive strain injury due to the position it is held in, it also claims to create more precise movement. This model is currently priced at £59.99.

I was first interested in this little gadget as I am constantly on my laptop, especially now I’m working on more and more blog posts. I am also currently studying Fine Art, and I thought using this mouse could definitely be helpful in design work, editing and even drawing. So, enough with the rambling – how did I get along with it?

Setting up.
I was a little concerned about how long the Penclic would take to set up, would it be confusing, and would it work okay with my particular laptop? I’m very very bad at reading instructions so sort of winged it after reading the initial charge up instruction. The Penclic comes with a rechargable battery and a wire cord for charging from your laptop or computer.(note: the charger is one of those really great ones that coils itself up which is super good for storage and even better for fiddling with.) I only left it to charge up for about 45 minutes as I was feeling pretty impatient. I then plugged in my little USB toggle to my laptop and BAM, job done. It worked straight away and just replaced by laptop tracker pad. So a 10/10 for how easy it is to get set up and get going!

Using the Penclic.
In terms of ease of use it definitely takes a little bit of time to get used to, especially because I’m not even used to using a normal mouse, just a tracker pad. After about 20 minutes I was feeling confident and getting used to the change in hand position. It was actually really enjoyable being able to use the mouse next to my laptop rather than using the tracker pad. My arm could rest on the table as I worked – something I hadn’t even noticed I didn’t normally get the luxury of.

I’m not to sure if I gained more precision with the pen mouse, even after adjusting different settings. It was precise, however I’m so used to using a normal mouse and a tracker pad that I think I’ve learnt to get pretty precise with that. So, I’d say this design was better for comfort than precision.

Will I be continuing to use it?

I think this is really handy for me if I”m spending a prolonged period of time blogging or working on my laptop or a computer. I’m definitely more comfortable when using it – so whenever I’m having a long day of dissertation writing next year or late night art deadline work, I think I’ll love it. I don’t think its something I’d use if I was just quickly going on to my laptop, I’m so used to just having a tracker pad I think its easier to just use that.

Who would I recommend it to?
I do think it’s a really handy blogging tool – if you’re anything like me and can spend hours and hours at a time on your laptop. I think the main target audience is anyone who spends their entire day at a computer. I definitely understand how it can stop RSI so perhaps anyone who works in an office or something like that – this is perfect for. I also think it’d make a really unusual but great gift if you know somebody who loves gadgets and spends loads of time at a computer.

Thanks for reading! X

*This product was gifted to me for reviewing, however all my opinions are genuine and honest.

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