REVIEW: SpaceMasks.

I recently got sent this eye mask from the lovely Harriet over at SpaceMasks, I’d heard some great reviews about this little mask so was so excited to try it out for myself. This isn’t just any ordinary eye mask, it is self heating and claims to send you into ‘interstellar relaxation.’ When I first heard about this eye mask I had no idea about how it worked.. self heating? How does something so small, do something like that. I’ll tell you how! Inside the eye mask there are little pieced of iron, and when you open up the mask from its packet, the iron basically reacts with oxygen so that your little eye mask self heats! (clever, right!)

So, how did I get along? After what felt like a very very long day, I decided it was the perfect day to review the eye mask. I set aside half hour to sit back, relax and enjoy my space mask. At first I was a little bit scared – how did this work and how warm would it get? Despite this I gave it ago and was so surprised to how well it worked. The warmth increased over time, and was a pleasant warmth rather than something too hot. Within ten minutes I was in such a deep relaxing sleep and awoke feeling so revitalized and refreshed! The warmth lasts for around 15 minutes and then starts to cool, however I think it still stays slightly warm for around half hour! I already really really want to use this mask again! The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the Jasmine scent, but that’s just my preference. I’d love the masks even more if there were some alternative scents.

I really cannot recommend this mask enough to anyone who either struggles with sleep, or is just looking for something extra on a pampering evening. Such a brilliant idea and I haven’t seen anything similar to this, so very impressed! You can order a pack of 5 of these eye masks for £15 over on the SpaceMasks website linked here! I do think they’re fairly pricey (£3 per mask) considering you can only use the mask once, however I think its a price I’d definitely pay for such an amazing and relaxing experience!

Have you ever tried a SpaceMask? Let me know! Thanks for reading, Carrie X

*This product was gifted to me however all opinions are my honest thoughts!

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