Carried Away on cocktails pt.3 | The Lakes Explorer Edition*

Hi guys! Part three of the cocktails series, and this week I’m featuring a gorgeous gin from The Lakes. This is the ‘Explorer Edition’ and has floral, herbal and fresh citrus tasting notes. The bottle and box have gorgeous packaging in a blue and white design. Now I own yet another gorgeous gin bottle that I vow to not throw away once it is empty – it’s just too pretty!




ginacolada the lakes gin carried---away

Do you like pina colada? I absolutely loved this Pina Colada inspired cocktail with a gin twist. It took quite a while to get the perfect recipe for this but I’m super happy with the final outcome and will definitely be making these more often! Also, how fancy would these look to serve up to some friends?

You will need: 50ml of the lakes explorer edition gin, 50ml coconut cream, 100ml fresh pineapple juice, half a lime squeezed, frozen pineapple chunks and ice.

Method: Prepare the glass by filling with ice to chill. Add the gin, coconut cream, lime juice and pineapple juice into a shaker with some ice and shake well! Pour over ice (frozen pineapple chunks also works really well to keep the drink cold!) Garnish with two leaves from the top of the pineapple and wedge on the side of the glass. Enjoy!




the lakes gin carried---away

I swear every single cocktail I’ve made I’ve said it’s perfect for summer, but this one really is! It’s similar to the ‘Ace of hearts’ cocktail I made in part one of my cocktail series which I had really good reviews about, so if you liked that one this will definitely be your cup of tea – or should I say gin.

Ingredients: 50ml The lakes explorer edition gin, 100ml pomegranate juice, 50ml cranberry juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 100ml tonic water, pomegranate seeds and frozen berry ice cubes.

Method: Add the gin, both juices, sugar syrup and ice to a shaker and shake well. Pour over frozen berry ice cubes and top up with tonic water. Add a slice of pomegranate for garnish. Depending on how sweet you like your cocktails you can vary the amount of sugar syrup!

As for the gin on it’s own, I found it quite strong (maybe as it’s 47%) however it has really nice flavours, something quite minty about it! I think its lovely with just lemon tonic water.  I hope you enjoyed this Friday’s cocktail post, and as always let me know if you tried them and what you thought! Thanks to the lakes for sending me this bottle, and of course, thanks for reading! Carrie X



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