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kandicane lashes
I love trying out new brands, so I am excited to be reviewing some lashes from the brand Kandicane, which were kindly gifted to me. I got the lashes in the design ‘Kandifloss’ which are quite wispy and with fairly thin strands, but add quite a lot of extra length to my ordinary lashes. They are also attached to the lash band in a ‘criss-cross’ design which I think is a really nice effect when they’re being worn.
This style of lash is absolutely perfect for me – I don’t want anything too dramatic and over the top, but if I’m going to bother taking the time to put them on, they need to enhance my eyes. I also love that I can wear these during the day, and for a night out – a very versatile style.
The lashes are packaged in a really sweet pink cardboard box, so it’s easy to keep them stored between uses. They were also delivered in a pink envelope which is always more exciting to receive. the lashed come with a little glue, which is always handy as you simply cannot own enough lash glue.
kandicane lashes
The brand is also using synthetic hair and is against testing on animals. Although I’m not entirely cruelty free yet with my make up I definitely look for this in new products that I’m trying so was really pleased to see that all of their lashes are synthetic hair. I really don’t see any need for mink lashes when there is something as beautiful as this on the market! They’re also super affordable at only £4.99 a pair, and can be worn several times. I actually think depending on how well you keep them you may even be able to wear them more than this!
Overall, I’m very impressed with Kandicane’s lashes and need to try some of their other styles which also look amazing. If you’re feeling like treating yourself to some new lashes you can click the link here! (If I haven’t convinced you enough it’s also free UK shipping!)
Thank you for reading and of course, thank you Kandicane for the lashes! #mykandicane

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