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Hi guys! Today’s post is a review of a brand called Micro Cell, and their nail repair kit. The kit includes four products; nail repair, nail wonder, colour and repair in raspberry kiss and a nail repair remover. Each product has a different use and aims to repair your nail in a different way…Nail repair: A treatment product for weak nails or brittle nails. It says to apply this for around two weeks, however I noticed that my nails gained strength as quickly as one week! It reminds me slightly of Sally Hansen’s hard as nail’s polish if you’ve ever tried this. Make sure to not get this on your skin as it contains a very small amount of formaldehyde!
Nail wonder: Can be used as a top coat, colour refresher and also prevents against dehydration. I didn’t find this product as successful as the nail repair, however it works as a good topcoat and I do think it slowed down the chipping of the polish.
Colour & Repair: The shade raspberry kiss is gorgeous! and looks even nicer on! Not only is it a really pretty polish it is also enriched with silicone and calcium so it’s helping your nails to stay strong while making them look amazing.
Nail repair remover: This is an acetone free nail polish remover, which I find is far better for my nails and leaves them in a much nicer condition than those including acetone.
Overall I think the combination of products works really well together, and I love that while I’m repairing my nails they can also look amazing too because of the coloured polish. I’m really impressed so far and will definitely be continuing to use this to hopefully grow my nails even more! If you struggle with weak of brittle nails and want to try Micro Cell’s nail repair you can check out their website here!
Thanks for reading! X
*This product was gifted to me but all opinions remain honest.

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