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Peachy packages carried---away

As promised, I have another monthly subscription box review for you all – my favourite type of blog post! Today’s subscription review is all about a brand called Peachy Packages. I was kindly gifted the  July peachy package and it contained some amazing products which I’m so excited to show you!

Caroline Gardener Rose Tinted Weekly Planner – I’ve never bought anything Caroline Gardener but I’ve seen some of her stationary bits before and loved them, and this weekly planner is as perfect as everything in her rose tinted range. With uni starting again and a heavy blogging schedule I never realised how much I needed a weekly planner until I started using this one. I love that it contains a little notes section too – I couldn’t have designed it better myself!

2 Greeting Cards from Paperlink – The box includes two cards from Paperlink, one being a laser cut design and one from the Primrose Hill range. They’re gorgeous and I’m rubbish at getting organised for birthdays so spare cards are a must!

Staedtler Metallic Pink Marker – As far as pens go, this is lovely. Anybody who is a stationary sucker will know how good a new inky pen is, and its literally sparkles as you write.. what more could you want from a pen?

Peachy Packages Carried---Away

Sasse & Belle Trinket Dish – We all know how important trinket dishes are for a blogging flat lay, so I almost squeeled when I saw that the July box contained an adorable speech bubble shaped dish with the words ‘you are amazing’ on it.

Charlotte Gardener Rose Tinted Pocket Notebooks – Yes, Charlotte gardener again and I’m 100% not complaining! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to use these as they are tiny – and being a messy scruffy artist I think I could sketch or note take my way through one of these in ten minutes. But truthfully, I don’t care as they’re so bloody cute! I think I’ll keep one in my handbag for emergency note taking, and it’ll take up no room at all. Charlotte Gardener has definitely got aesthetics down to a T.

C R Gibson ‘Thank-you’ Card – This is such a pretty card I never want to use it – can I thank myself? The leafy print is so in right now, and it’s even got the print on the inside of the envelope – how cool?

Biscuit Nail Files – This has to be another of my favourite things inside this months box. Little nail files in the shape of Jammy Dodgers and party rings? Soo cute! Also the perfect size to keep in your handbag!


Peachy Packages carried---away

English Tea Shop’s, Chocolate Super Berry Burst – This tea is as amazing as the name and packaging, its super sweet and perfect if you’re trying to resist chocolate temptations and have a sweet tooth, aka me. It’s a very unusual flavour and I do think it’s a little bit love it or hate it, but I personally love sweet things so I really enjoyed it.

Rhubarb Crumble & Custard Milk Chocolate by Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Co. – Truth be told, I thought I would hate this. Why would I want to ruin milk chocolate by having it flavoured with rhubarb and custard. As soon as I smelt this, I knew I was wrong. Once I began eating it I was hooked. This is so unbelievably good. I can’t explain this to do it enough justice but if you’re in the mood to try something new, this is it. Amazing!

Speech Bubble Chalk Board – I love that this is included in the box as it gives such a fun element to everything. I’ll definitely be hanging this in my new uni room! Also prepare for this to feature in a lot of blog photography too! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

… and that’s everything included in the July Peachy Package! I was so surprised at how much was included, overall 12 items. In fact I think this is the most items I’ve ever seen in a subscription box! It’s also such a lovely bunch of things that seem themed and work together, even with an overall colour scheme. I also love the peachy packages offer two different sized options depending on your budget. The box I received is called the ‘Peachy Package and costs £35.00, while there is a smaller box that includes 6 items for just £15.00 if you’re wanting something smaller or a little bit less expensive.

I actually think this subscription box would work really well as a gift, its delivered in gorgeous packaging and the curation throughout each month makes them so much more special unlike some boxes I see which seem a little bit thrown together. If you fancy treating yourself to some useful stationary and tasty treats, or treating a friend, definitely check out Peachy Packages by clicking the link here! I’m loving the look of the September box!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Peachy Packages too for this lovely gift, you’ve definitely made starting third year at uni way less stressful with all these new stationary goodies!

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