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I’m very excited with today’s post as I’m working with a brand that I think have such a great idea, and execute it so well! If you haven’t heard of Select Your Box, they are an online gift box company, where you can choose or curate a box full of goodies to send to somebody as a gift. They have pre-made boxes such as ‘big night in’ or ‘chocolate lover’ or have a list of all the products they stock and you can pick and choose to create the perfect present for the person who is receiving it.

I wanted my post to have a little twist. I absolutely love buying people presents – one of the reasons why Christmas is better than my birthday. However I think its so important to take a little bit of time out every now and then and look after yourself too. Which brings me to the title of my blog post ‘A gift from me, to me.’ It was such a fun experience being able to create a gift box – for myself. I thought I’d curate the box around a theme of self-love and pampering, so here’s what I chose…
select your box carried---away
Laila London’s Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder – I’ve only used this 6 times, and not consecutively but so far I’m loving it. I’m hoping the more I use it the bigger the difference with the whitening but so far it’s perfect to use before a special event to get your teeth gleaming and it also makes them feel so clean.
Space Masks Interstellar Relaxation Eye Mask – I’ve already reviewed this space mask about a month ago, so I won’t go into how much I love it too much here but if you’re interested click this link! As soon as I saw they stocked these! They are absolutely perfect for anyone who struggles to sleep, I cannot recommend enough!
Ciat√© Nail Polish in Cream Tea – Pampering evenings aren’t complete without a fresh coat of polish on my nails! This is a really gorgeous colour and contains a little bit of shimmer too. I love brown/nude shades on my nails so absolutely love this colour.
Laila London’s Chamomile and Lavender Clay Mask – Unfortunately, this is the only product I didn’t get along with – but I heard such amazing reviews it may just be that I have very sensitive skin. I usually love a clay mask, however this one made my face go really red and itchy? This is the only product I wouldn’t personally be able to recommend.
Eton Mess White Chocolate – This is gorgeous! I’m a chocolate lover, especially white chocolate and with Eton mess as the flavour you can’t go wrong. So tasty!
Bloom Candle’s Wax & Burner – Having this gorgeous smelling wax burner gives your pampering evening that extra touch of relaxation. They smell heavenly!
Soul & Soup Blackcurrant Bath Bomb – This smells incredible, and looks amazing. I’ve never been huge on bath bombs – especially ones that are glitter or weird dark colours. This was perfect to me as it is a pink-y purple colour and doesn’t make me feel as though I’m getting into a dirty bath. (Am I even a blogger if I don’t buy lush bath bombs?) It smells sooo good I could almost eat it.. the other scents also sound amazing.
select your box carried---away
I love how personalised you can make these boxes, even from choosing the colour of the ribbon around the box! I opted for red as I thought it looked super classy against the black box. Can you imagine my excitement when I got this parcel delivered to my door? It has to be the most gorgeous blogger mail I have ever received. You can include photographs and cards with messages in the box too, to give it that personal touch. It’s a perfect website to use if you’re struggling for gift ideas, or sending a gift to someone long distance as it’s all taken care of for you – and you know that when it arrives it’s gonna look amazing!
The boxes start from ¬£25.00, or can be individually priced per item if you curate the box yourself – meaning you know exactly what you’re paying for which is really nice. There’s also such a wide variety of items that I’m sure there is something for everyone on this website! So, if you’re looking for a little treat for yourself (it’s the best idea ever – do it!) or looking for a present for someone else, make sure you check out the Select Your Box website by clicking here.
Thanks for reading and thank you to Select Your Box for gifting this box to me, I feel SO pampered!

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