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I recently got sent this tea tree oil skin wash by Australian Bodycare and I couldn’t wait to publish this review as I’ve been loving this product so much since I’ve been using it. I’ve been testing this out for about two weeks now, and over those couple of weeks I’ve really noticed the improvement in my skin.

The facial wash has a very strong tea-tree smell, which I don’t mind too much, but if you don’t like that smell, bare in mind it’s very strong. The wash really easily removes any leftover make up and dirt from my face, and doesn’t feel like my skin is being dried in the process. I assume it’s the antiseptic in it that has improved my skin and made my complexion a lot clearer. I think this face wash is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as it feels quite gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all, which I’m always worried about when trying a new skin care product! The lotion has a slight tingling feel to it, but I actually quite like this – especially in the morning as it’s quite refreshing.

I used moisturiser after using the product however I actually found that it’s quite moisturising itself. A really small amount of the wash goes such a long way, which means that the product is going to last a really long time – also making it better value for money! I’ll definitely be repurchasing – very impressed! If you’re interested in buying this skin wash than you can follow the link over to amazon by clicking here.

Thanks for reading! Carrie X

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