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Feel like I haven’t posted in soo long, a combination of technical problems on the blog, a kidney infection and a dissertation to write meant I felt like I had no time at all. However, today I am back, and can talk to you about an item I recently received from a company called JJR Bespoke, which sells the most amazing clutches.

From the moment the clutch arrived I could tell how good the quality was going to be, it was packaged beautifully and the feel of the leather was incredible – so so soft. The great thing about JJR Bespoke is that you are able to fully customise the bag, chose the colour, the material, if it has a strap – everything! I opted for black leather (suprise suprise) with a panel at the bottom that has a studded leather design. Alternatively if you’re not in a creative mood there are designs you can look at over on JJR Bespoke’s Instagram, there’s some gorgeous options to chose from!


You can also chose the lining inside the bag, and this is why this clutch has become my go-to. I have the funkiest, brightest floral pattern inside this clutch it is amazing. There’s something so great about opening up an all black clutch and seeing the crazy print inside- I love it! I also think this level of customisation would be so great for special occasions like weddings – imagine how you could customise all the bridesmaids clutches to match the dresses! so cute!



Jess, the woman behind the JJR Bespoke, is so lovely. She messaged me the whole way through the process from customising the clutch, to when I should expect to receive it. I honestly think she could handle any crazy clutch design and make it look amazing! She also added in this tassel key ring! This tassel is the perfect size (I love a big key ring to help me find my keys in my very very messy bag) and I love the colour combo, simple but glam! I noticed they also sell phone charger tassels?! I need!


Cannot thank JJR Bespoke enough for my new clutch and keyring, and if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, or give the perfect gift this christmas, JJR Bespoke is definitely the place to shop. You can look at her designs and message her through either her facebook or her instagram! (both linked!)

Thanks for reading, Carrie X

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