February | Chatty Catch-Up

February Chatty Catch Up

Hi everyone!

New years resolutions… I just won’t bother next year. My weekly blog posts did not go to plan whatsoever, and I’ve ended up taking almost 2 months off entirely. I’ve felt so snowed under with uni work and writing my dissertation. I feel like I’ve had barely any time or energy to spend on blogging! However I’m hoping to try and become a bit more consistent now my dissertation is submitted (hallelujah)!! I honestly am in awe of any bloggers who manage to consistently write or film content whilst not getting behind with their university work, hats off to you! Anyway, this post is just a little catch up about 2018 so far, and is going to be a bit of a rambly mish-mash of content so sorry in advance!

So, whats new with me? (not a lot) I’m currently on my reading week at uni, which is super nice as I am in need of a break after my dissertation writing and subsequently all the late nights. Although… I submitted my dissertation!!! And surprisingly, I’m really happy with how it went! But don’t get me wrong, I’m equally happy to have submitted it and never have to look at it again. I can now fully focus on my artwork for the degree show which will be nice too. I’m finding it so odd how close I am to finishing uni and not being a student anymore… I’m so not ready for the real world! My plans for my reading week are pretty boring, mainly catching up on work, catching up on blog admin and trying to schedule in some content, and aiming to have a bit of a detox week as my diet has been awful recently and I think I need a bit of a health kick.

I mentioned in my last post (hopefully you read it!) about one of my new years resolutions being vlogging, which I’m still planning to do, hopefully by Easter time. The only thing I’m struggling with at the minute is whether or not to buy a new camera – I’ve got a couple but I’m not sure if the quality of filming is good enough on them. So, where I’m going with this is, if you are a blogger/vlogger and have a camera that you think is good for filming/sound quality (and preferably isn’t too expensive) then either DM me or comment and let me know! Hopefully I’ll sort something out and start making some Youtube content ASAP! Exciting!

That’s everything from me for the minute! I’m hoping to get another post up over my week off and maybe play around with my theme. You can stay updated through my Instagram and twitter, so make sure you’re following.

Thanks so much for reading! Carrie X

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