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primark nude collection

Todays post is all about Primark’s new nudes collection. I’ve seen quite a few blogposts and vlogs about this range, but really I just wanted to put it to the test myself. It goes without saying that Primark have clearly upped their packaging game, and taken some (a lot) of inspiration from KKW beauty. The packaging is all soft nudes and pastel pinks and to be honest, even if the make-up wasn’t great, I was willing to take the risk for the photo aesthetic – such a blogger. Please tell me I’m not the only blogger who purchases things purely because it’d make a good photo?

primark nude collection kit

The first thing I picked up was this contour kit. My main attraction was the little brush that comes with the set. It is almost identical to KKW, but for a fraction of the price. KKW contour kit costs around £40 and includes two double ended contour sticks and a dual ended brush. In Primark’s dupe we also have two cream contour sticks that are double ended, an almost identical brush, but also an eyebrow highlight and it only costs £8. The downside to this Primark contour set is that it only comes in one shade, which isn’t ideal for everybody’s skin tone.

First up, the eyebrow highlight. I normally use my ordinary Revolution ‘Golden lights’ highlight for my brow bone, or my Sleek ‘Solstice’ Palette, so I was quite excited to try a a creamy highlight stick. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this product. It has a fairly creamy consistency, which was better than what I expected. It isn’t the easiest product to blend, but it’s not too bad either. The main thing I like is that its super easy to apply, and a lot quicker and neater than using powder highlight. I also think this would be good for highlighting the nose too. Definitely worth trying out if you’re new to highlighting, or always in a hurry as its super super quick. (Anyone who does make-up while travelling – get this!)

primark collection review

Second, the double ended cream contour sticks. After the lack of options for this kit I was pretty dubious about how the shades would work with my skin tone. The highlight stick contains one concealer-like product and a highlighter on the other end. The concealer was pretty orange toned, and as I normally use the lightest concealer possible.. not for me. The highlighter wasn’t great either, and probably less glowy than the eyebrow highlight. I’d never use the concealer end of the stick, and maybe only the highlight end if for some reason I have lost my highlight.. but otherwise, this wont be used at all.

As for the other double-ended stick, this contained a warmer and a cooler toned contour. The colour’s are fairly dark, but I quite like using a dark contour, as long as it is blended well. It’s not the best product I’ve used for contour, although it is very precise.. and this was good for contouring the nose. There isn’t a ton of difference between the cooler and warmer end, so I will probably use both. I wouldn’t rave about this product, but its pretty good for the price – and the compact size means it’ll be handy for travelling rather than taking a whole contour palette.

As for the dual-ended brush, again.. I thought it was pretty average. I find with most cheap beauty blenders they are a lot harder and firmer than pricey ones (why is this?!). The beauty blender end on this is similar in that, it isn’t that great at blending due to it being fairly firm. It’s not awful and the small size and tapered tip makes it easier to blend concealer toward the inner corner of the eye. The brush end did the job fine, the whole product is fairly small, which is a little bit annoying.

primark nude collection review

The next thing I bought was two of the matte lipsticks. I believe there is four shades in all, but my Primark only has these two stocked, so naturally – I bought them both. The lighter shade is called ‘Birthday Suit’ and the darker ‘In The Buff’. These only cost £1.50, an absolute bargain. I love love love the packaging, it’s a super simple bullet shape and it’s a soft matte plastic. Weirdly, I found the consistency of these varied quite a lot. I found ‘Birthday Suit’ had a very dry texture, and I had to drag it across my lips to get a good colour pay-off. The colour wasn’t awful, a neutral pink-toned nude, although not my favourite shade. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I think this is a bad lipstick, as for £1.50 what do you expect? On the other hand ‘In The Buff’ I loved! The consistency was a lot creamier, making it easier to apply. I still wouldn’t say it’s the best quality lipstick, but I love the darker nude colour. For the price, I definitely think check these out as they’re cheap enough to just throw in your handbag as an emergency lipstick!


primark nude collection


The final item I picked up was one of Primark’s matte nude lip kits. Similarly to a Kylie lip kit, this set includes a lip liner and a lipstick. This product cost £3, so again, absolute bargain! The lip liner is the perfect shade for my lip colour, which works really well if I want to over line my lips. I actually think this lipstick is a really nice nude, it’s a fairly peachy, brown toned nude.. which I normally wouldn’t go for, however it looks really nice. It’s a little bit drying on the lips but lasted all day after eating and drinking so, you can’t really go wrong for £3.

Overall, the price of these products is amazing, but you obviously get what you pay for and can tell they are slightly cheaper than an ordinary product. Having said that, some of these products I’d definitely repurchase like the ‘In The Buff’ lipstick and the lip kit, and if anything I’d pay more than Primark is charging! For £8 I don’t think the contour kit is that great, and I’d rather by just the contour stick and eyebrow highlighter on their own.

Have you tried any of Primark’s Nude Collection? Let me know I’d love to know what you thought!

Thanks for reading!

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