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If you haven’t already seen me rambling all about it over on my Instagram, this week is Sport Relief Week! It started on Saturday and ends this Friday, which is the big night on TV! I’ve always taken an interest in Sport Relief and a few weeks back, when the Sport Relief team contacted me asking if I wanted to get involved, I jumped at the chance! I’m really loving raising awareness for such an important cause! This year Sport Relief’s campaign is called #whatevermovesyou and Sport Relief have challenged the nation to do 1 billion steps each day for Sport Relief week! I’ve collaborated on this project with a lovely blogger, vlogger and Youtuber who also goes to Lincoln uni called Charlotte (you may also know her as ScarletSlippers). If you want to see some of her vlogs (including some Sport Relief related stuff) or read her post about the charity I’ll leave a link at the bottom! We’ve had various different fun activities taking place all week, including today’s Sport Relief themed shoot. We’re also going live over on Instagram on Friday while we watch Sport Relief – so make sure you’re following us both over on our Instagram’s!

Sport Relief have made it super easy to track your steps this year, which you can do by simply downloading the Sport Relief app, which is completely free to download over on the app store. The app includes a step counter where you can set daily targets for yourself, and a ‘Discover’ section full of lots of different work out ideas and videos from various celebrities like Joe Wicks and Davina Mccall. I’d definitely recommend checking out the Discover tab on the app, especially if you’re looking for a few extra work outs for the gym or some exercises that are equally as easy to do at home!


The other sections in the app include ‘Challenges’ where you can set yourself certain targets to meet challenges. One for example is ‘Climb Kilimanjaro’ which would take 58,750 steps or ‘Paris to London’ which would take 623,040 steps! The final section allows you to create ‘Leagues’ where you’re able to challenge friends and create groups to see who can do the most steps! Me and Charlotte are currently competing to see who can do the most steps by Friday, if you’re anywhere near as competitive as me, this aspect of the app will definitely get you moving! (Whoever loses is buying nibbles for Friday night so the competition is on!!) We’ve also created a league for bloggers to join so we can all challenge each other and use our platforms to raise some awareness! (If you’re not a blogger feel free to join still!) You can click the link here to become part of this group!

Sport Relief app Sport Relief App

So far, this week has been super fun, and I’m enjoying making the choice to walk a little further, and become a little more active. Today I’ve already completed my target of 10,000 steps and walked up, and back down, steep hill (Lincoln peeps will understand the struggle)! And between me and Charlotte, we’ve managed to climb Kilimanjaro!

Of course, the app also allows you to donate towards Sport Relief too, so if you’re thinking about donating this is a super easy and quick way to do so! Another way to donate is to buy some merchandise over on the Sport Relief website, where at least 50% of your money will get to Sport Relief! To shop Sport Relief merchandise click here!

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know if any of you are doing anything for Sport Relief, or if you’re trying to get your steps up etc!

Click here for Charlottes Insta, here for Charlottes Vlog and here for Charlottes blog post!

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  1. Loved this post!! Cannot wait to see who is buying nibbles on Friday, the competition is on 🙂 Really enjoyed working with you on this campaign and so happy that we’ve finally met. See you soon xxx

  2. My boyfriend’s family live in Lincolnshire but I’ve yet to tackle steep hill haha! This is a great idea – I love the idea of being able to challenge friends. If you’re super competitive then that must be a huge motivator to get up and get some exercise in!

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