Is it really worth the hype? | Halo Top ice cream review.

Halo Top ice cream review

I’ve got a little bit of a different post for you today – a food review! I feel like I haven’t done any food related posts in sooo long, and it’s something I’d like to do a bit more of! Today I’m talking all about Halo Top ice cream. I’ve seen this ice cream advertised literally everywhere, mainly for its high-protein and low calories. Now this sounds perfect, but what I’m thinking is “if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is”.

As a student the usual £5 price tag per tub didn’t appeal to me, however Tesco had them on special offer for £3.50, and at this price I thought why not put them to the test… are they worth the hype? The flavours I went for were ‘chocolate chip cookie dough’ (obviously) and ‘vanilla bean’. To be honest all the flavours looked pretty good, and I was definitely tempted by ‘mint choc chip’ and ‘peanut butter cup’.

The first thing that I absolutely loved about this brand is how they have branded their tubs to include a huge calorie number on the front for… the whole tub! I’m so sick of seeing food products advertised and they pretend you’re only going to eat 1/1000th of the product. I’m obviously going to eat the whole tub so thanks for keeping it real Halo Top. (They do suggest 4 serving per pot, and break the calories down into this on the back of the tub.. so if you’re not as piggy as me you can consume even less cals!)

The Vanilla comes in at only 280 calories a tub, and the chocolate chip 360. The protein for both tubs is exactly the same at 4.6g for a quarter of the tub. To compare this to another brand so we can get an impression of if this is better than your average ice cream Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough comes in at 1150 calories!

The most important bit though… what does it taste like? Although I’d seen everyone raving about this, and countless Instagram posts about the stuff, I wasn’t sure if an ice cream this low in calories was actually going to taste like ice cream. BOY WAS I WRONG. This ice cream is bloody delicious! The texture of the ice cream is slightly softer than an ordinary one, but to be quite honest this just makes it easier to spoon out so I’m not even complaining. The cookie dough has to be my favourite purely because I’m a cookie dough lover but the vanilla bean was also so good and a super strong vanilla taste. The only small downside to the cookie dough, is that the actual lumps of cookie dough were pretty small, and not massive chunks like Ben & Jerry’s provides… but for the calories I’m saving, and the low sugar per serving, I’ll definitely be buying again.

Overall I’m absoloutly loving this brand and think it deserves all the social media hype it’s getting! Have you tried Halo Top yet, let me know what you thought in the comments!

Thanks for reading, Carrie X

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  1. Yes it deserves all the hype. Glad you did this review love Halo Top. The world needs to know about this ice cream. I’m definitely going to pick up more of this ice cream. ?

  2. I love Halo Top Icecream! I follow the slimming world diet so this was music to my tastebuds. I have only tried the peanut butter cup so far but boy was it good! I also don’t like the £5 price tag but will be stocking up on this when the price is reduced ?

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