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Bakerdays carried away

I’ve had a lovely week celebrating my boyfriends 21st birthday! We spent Wednesday in Nottingham doing some shopping, eating good food and sippin’ tasty cocktails in pretty bars. I was also so excited when BakerDays got in touch with me and offered to gift us one of their letterbox cakes for his special day!

BakerDays is a personalised cake company, offering cakes, cupcakes and even helium balloons! The cakes can be delivered at such short notice; as little as the day before, and they also have options for delivery on the weekend too! Did I also mention, they ship WORLDWIDE, meaning you can send a cake to pretty much anyone – what a great company, because well, who doesn’t want cake to be delivered to them?

The cake that I received was one of BakerDays ‘letterbox cakes’ which is pretty self explanatory, a cake small enough to fit through a letter box, but big enough to satisfy your cake craving needs! When BakerDays got in touch, they asked me to choose from their huuuuge range of designs, and their different flavours; traditional sponge, chocolate chip, gluten & wheat free, lemon drizzle and dairy free! I opted for this adorable ‘I’m nuts about you’ cake, with traditional sponge (I know I went for the plain boring option but I just love a good slice of ordinary birthday cake, and I also planned on eating a good half of Lewis’ birthday cake so I very selfishly went for my favourite flavour! (Of course.. he loves it too)) I actually kept the cake a surprise from Lewis, and when he opened it I could tell he really wasn’t expecting it – the personalised ‘Lewis’ was also just the extra little touch that made it so special!

It’s worth mentioning the entire process with BakerDays was perfect, they kept me up to date about my cake design, when it was being delivered and any other information I needed, with quick replies. It seems like a company that would be able to sort out any issues or enquiries easily and quickly which is really important to me. They scheduled the cake to come before the event that I specified and it arrived on the day they said with absolutely no problems.


baker days

I was a tiny bit worried that my cake would be damaged when it came… I mean, through the letterbox? Can this be as good as it sounds?! The answer is yes. The cake arrives in a cardboard box, and when opened it’s in an adorable tin (which I definitely will be keeping). The box also includes a receipt and a little ‘Just for you’ card from BakerDays, it’s the little things right? As I prised open the cake tin lid I was so worried that my icing would be dented or smudged but it was absolutely immaculate, and the design looked even better in person than on their website… It was incredible! The colours on the design where so bright, and the printing was honestly amazing! I almost wish I’d got a photo printed on the cake because I think the quality would of been incredible on this too! There’s also a little tab that means you can easily lift the cake from the tin rather than having to flip anything upside down or claw out your cake.

As much as the fact that sending and receiving a cake is about the gesture, the cake needed to taste good too. The thick icing was  so sweet and dreamy, and the sponge light and airy. It also stayed fresh in its tin for the 2 days before we opened and ate it. We both give it a 10/10, nothing quite beats a good slice of birthday cake does it?!

I can’t rave about this delivery service enough, and I just wanted to say that although this product was gifted to us, I’m honestly just so impressed with this service and if I hated it, I would say! …But I have absolutely nothing bad to say about BakerDays!! The communication, design, postage, packaging and taste are absolutely flawless. I think the entire idea of letterbox cakes is so good, and it would be so so perfect to send as a little surprise treat to someone you know – perhaps someone passed their driving test, you want to treat your child thats gone off to uni and finally not spending a birthday at home, or for someone who passed an exam or someone who just deserves a thank you or pick me up. This fun-sized cake is perfect for any occasional and it is such a lovely way to celebrate even the smallest of things in life, and I will definitely be treating some of my loved ones to these gorgeous cakes!

The price of a letterbox cake is £14.99 which includes delivery if you order three days in advance. Although it is a small cake, I think this price is so reasonable for how lovely this little gift is. I really do think it would make anybodies day! …but it gets even better, if you can think of someone who really deserves one of these cakes, you can use this discount code ‘CARRIEDAWAY15′ for 15% off your order! So, who do you know that deserves a cake…

To visit BakerDays website click the link here! Thanks so much for reading, and thank you to BakerDays for gifting this to us, it was such a special treat! X

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