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anatomicals face mask

I was kindly recently gifted a few of Anatomicals face masks, and I was so excited to try them as I obviously love a good face mask (tbh, who doesn’t?!) but I’d also heard sooo many great things about this brand, particularly their face masks! So, are they worth the hype?! The three face masks sent to me were: ‘farewell the scarlet pimple hell’, ‘I feed the need, the need for seaweed’ and ‘no breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots.’ They also sent over a couple of their ‘sad the lot of you’ get lost grime body cleanser’s too, which I wasn’t expecting so thank you for those too Anatomicals – I love that they’re ‘marvellous mango and papaya scented’!

First of all, lets talk packaging. I feel like Anatomicals is most known for its quirky packaging and cool product names. The bright colours of these packets make them stand out and I even love the little things like the recyclable notice on the back of the cleanser which depicts a cartoon superhero character and a speach bubble which reads ‘Is it a sachet? Is it a tin can? Is it a cardboard box? No, it’s recycle man. And if you don’t recycle all our packaging, he’ll track you down and recycle you’. As you can image, pretty much all the descriptions on the back of the packets are written in a funny quirky manner, and I think it makes this brand really stand out… for all the right reasons. Most importantly though, how did the face masks perform?

anatomicals face mask

I feel the need, the need for seaweed: calming algae face mask.
This seaweed face masks aims to ‘detoxify the skin to dramatically improve its texture, leaving it smooth, refreshed and youthful looking’. So, if you have been watching my Youtube channel (which you definitely should be, and if you have been – thank you!) you’ll see my apply this in my uni vlog. If not, the link is here! Me and my boyfriend both tried this one and the first thing I’ll say is that these facemarks contain so much product! You could definitely split one with a friend for a pampering night and save a little bit of money and have more than enough product! The bright blue mask is thick and creamy, and instantly sooo cooling. This mask smells identical to shaving foam, which is kind of odd but I was actually loving it. Now, if you’ll watch the vlog you will see me and Lewis begin to stress about it irritating our skin. I think I have fairly sensitive skin but for some reason this is only with face masks, so I washed mine off after about 8 minutes. There was actually no reason to stress as the tingly feeling I was getting didn’t actually leave me with any irritation or redness and actually made my skin feel amazing. It’s a really cooling mask, and the tingly feeling I can only describe as resembling something minty that gives you that cooling menthol tingle feeling… if you can imagine. Afterwards I definitely noticed an instant change in my complexion. Not only was my skin glowing, it felt amazing, I felt so refreshed and awake and the texture seemed to have improved. I’d definitely buy this one again, and would recommend!

Farewell the scarlet pimplehell: deep cleansing mask.
This clay mask aims to absorb excess oil and deeply embedded dirt and make-up, and also help control spots and blackheads as it tones and tightens the skin. This thick grey mud mask is to be applied for 10-15 minutes, and again contains lots of product in the package. I noticed on all the masks it says to use on your face and neck, so perhaps this is why there is so much extra product… but either way, there’s lots which I was pleased with. This mask really gave me some holiday blues at it smells kinda like a cross between sun tan cream and after sun, both summer scents I am very fond of! I left this mask for 15 minutes and then wiped off with a cloth. I obviously didn’t notice a change in my spot and blackhead control, as I would need to use this mask perhaps once or twice weekly for a little while, but my pores definitely felt closed and my face toned and tighter which gives me high hopes for this mask if I used it regularly!

anatomicals face mask

No breakouts. it’s Alcatraz for spots: purifying charcoal face mask.
This charcoal formula aims to penetrate the skin to remove excess oil and dirt to reveal unclogged refined pores and also deliver long-lasting comfort, to leave you feeling refreshed all day long. Now I had very high hopes for this mask as it’s strong claims of feeling ‘refreshed all day long’ is something I long after. Unlike the other masks which I used in the evening, this one I saved for a pampering morning where I took the time to have a good long shower, shave, fake tan and a manicure/pedicure. I was already feeling pretty glam and good about myself and this face mask was definitely the cherry on top of the cake! My skin was really glowy and my complexion was a lot smoother. I did think this one was a little ‘tingly’ whilst I had it on, so only left it for 8 minutes rather than 10, however I had no irritation and my skin looked amazing afterwards!

So overall verdict? I am loving all three of these face masks, from the cute and colourful minimalist packaging to the effective formula’s and amount of product! I also love that they’re really reasonably priced, you can buy a three pack of these face masks for around £3! If you fancy having a browse of the anatomicals website you can click here, but they’re also available at Superdrug, Topshop, Urban outfitters and on Asos. I’m now so eager to try out some different products from Anatomicals to see if they’re as good as they’re face masks, particularly got my eye on the ‘never lose your cherry: spf lipbalm’ and the ‘world pore 3: deep cleansing nose, chin + forehead strips!’

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Anatomicals and what you thought about it! Thanks so much for reading, Carrie X

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