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finished uni

Firstly, sorry for being so rubbish the last few weeks across all my social handles – I was in the final weeks of my degree, and wanted to focus everything I had on trying to get a half decent grade, and knew that taking a couple of weeks off from blogging, vlogging and uploading selfies wouldn’t be the end of the world. But now… I am officially done! I have finished my fine art degree at UoL, and it just feels so bizarre. There really is no other way to describe it. I don’t think I’m ready to lose my student title yet. Three years has actually flown by, and although everyone always told me that university goes so quickly, it really is true. I have had the best three years of my life, met some amazing people, met my gorgeous boyfriend and I think just really grown as a person whilst studying here. I think uni was a really good life experience, if nothing else (preparing myself for a shit grade tehe), because I got to move away from home and become a lot more independent. I will definitely look back on my uni years with the fondest memories, it has been amazing.

What is even weirder now, other than this loss of student identity I no longer own, is how much free time I now have. This was probably massively heightened by the two weeks prior to my deadline absolutely working my ass off, that now it feels weird to be able to have a lie-in or an early night, or spend the entire day in bed watching rubbish TV. If you don’t know much about Fine Art degrees I basically handed my work in on a Monday, and on the Friday we had our degree show, which was so much fun, and if anyone is reading this who came- thanks so much! The exhibition then continues for two weeks, and everyone on my course basically takes it in turns on a rota to invigilate the exhibition. So, the next week I have a little bit of invigilating to do, but I think i may just take my laptop and get some blogging admin done as I feel so behind at the moment, but other than that I can laze around to my hearts content, and give myself what I think is a well-deserved break. Of course, this doesn’t include blogging and youtube as there is sooo much content coming your way due to the halt in posting for a couple of weeks, and there is also quite a few uni-related vid’s I’d like to do before I leave so you can expect them too!

uni degree show

Me and Lewis are also going to book ourselves a last-minute holiday for sometime in June as a ‘we-finished-university’ celebration, which I’m already buzzing about and it’s not even booked yet. I think we will be heading to Barcelona, but we’re not completely sure yet. Wherever we do end up going, I am going to be blogging the entire trip which I’m excited for too!

So, uni’s done! What next? …. A b s o l o u t l y  n o  i d e a. My current plan is basically have a couple more weeks in lovely Lincoln, and our holiday. Then move back to my parents, and work back at the retail job I work at during uni breaks. At the same time, I’ll hopefully be doing some job searching and somehow the perfect job will come up. I’m not even entirely sure what the dream job is yet, but something social media, PR, Art related but who knows. I am actually in a really excitable mood, i think a lot of people worry about what they’re going to do after university but i’m just so excited. This is probably the only point in my life where I have no idea where I am going from here, and that’s so exciting for me – who knows where i’ll be next month, or in a year, or in a five? But i don’t feel tied down to anything and that’s such a nice feeling.

This post has turned far more rambly than I anticipated, but I thought it would be nice to do a little finishing uni catch-up. As i mentioned, I have a lot of content (almost so much I can’t keep up) coming here and over to YouTube so I hope you enjoy all of that, and if you want to see more behind the scenes of my life, blogging, youtube etc make sure your following my new blogging snapchat account which is ‘morecarriedaway’.

Thanks so much for reading, Carrie x

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