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I’ve recently been trying out PMD’s ‘Kiss Lip Plumping System’, Although my lips are fairly full, I absolutely love the look of full lips, however would never want to get lip fillers as i’m so much of a baby when it comes to pain and needles – so I was so excited to try out PMD’s Kiss and see if it actually worked and gave me the fuller lips of my dreams.

The Kiss device claims that it is an anti-aging lip treatment, which boosts the collagen in the lips which not only creates an instant plumper effect but daily use over time will create a much longer-lasting effect, with lip lines being less visible, a plumper appearance and it will revitalise natural lip colour. The device is sold on PMD’s website, linked here, sells the device for £125, which is obviously a fairly pricey item to buy – so I was really hoping the results would be worth the money!

The device itself is the perfect size to fit in your hand, and also small enough for storage. I really like that it is such a compact system, which is perfect to take travelling of fit into a make-up bag. Their design is really stylish, minimalistic white and pink, and the device comes with a little pink lid, perfect for travelling and keeping it clean! The box also contains two changeable ‘kissers’ which is the rubber section which you place your lips on. The two vary in size meaning that the system is designed to be able to work on anyone with smaller or larger lips. Also in the box is the Smart Lip Plumping Serum (5ml) which is to be applied before using the device, and of course it also includes a USB charger so you are able to re-charge the device. The box also contains instructions on how to use the device.

The central button on the device allows you to switch between the two settings; one slightly slower and less intense. I was a little scared about using the device as I was worried about how harsh the suction would be – however I had no problem with either of the settings, as the vibrations were not too intense. When using the device I would section both my top and lower lip into three sections, giving each section 10 pulses on the more intense setting.

Result with initial use:
I was actually so surprised with how well the device worked! My lips definitely felt much fuller, and I was especially aware of this after applying lipstick to my lips. The results are more intense depending on how many pulses you give your lips, I was still aiming for a natural look, and it definitely achieved this. If you’re looking for really extreme plumped lips, the device isn’t going to double your lip size, however my lips were definitely noticeably plumper and I felt a lot more confident with them after just a few minutes using the device.

Result after 6 weeks:
It was really easy to get used to using the PMD Kiss in my everyday make-up routine as it only takes a few minutes… and once I started using it, I was addicted. I definitely think that using this over a prolonged period of time creates plumper lips which last longer. I think after a couple of hours on the first week my lips felt as though they were back to their original shape and size, however whilst using this over  a 6 week period, more or less everyday, I think my lips are becoming plumper all the time which is really amazing!

I know that if I was reading this review I’d want to see the device in action, so I am thinking about including it in a make-up routine over on my YouTube channel within the next few weeks – so make sure you’re subscribed if you’d like to see this!

It’s also worth mentioning that the lip plumping serum was incredible. It’s a tiny tube so I was worried about it running out quickly however a little goes so far, and mine still hasn’t ran out. its a really thick gloss like consistency and made my lips feel really moisturised which I also think helped with their overall appearance.

The verdict? I love this little device, and I’ll definitely continue to use this! Although it’s a fairly pricey piece of kit, if you’re lips are something you have longed to be plumper, but are a bit like me and wouldn’t want to actually go ahead with lip fillers, definitely give this ago. Te results are not drastic but definitely have made me more confident with my plumper and fuller lips!

Thanks for reading, Carrie! x

*This product was gifted to me.


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  1. Aw great review! I loved reading about your experience with this, it sounds a super easy (and much less scary haha!) alternative to getting fillers 😀 I’d love to learn more about it on your Youtube! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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