5 ways to help you stay motivated with blogging & influencing!

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I’ve had this post in my drafts for a little while – and have only finally got around to editing it and finishing it up, pretty ironic considering what it’s about. I often think with my blog, but also my social media channels that I put so much pressure on myself that I should be uploading loads and loads of really great quality content, that when I start getting behind I almost want to give up altogether! So I’ve come up with five tips that usually get me out of my blogging slump. (I say blogging, I think these are relevant to any sort of content creators!)

1. Focus on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you’ve got to go.
One thing that motivates me more than anything is seeing how far I’ve come. I actually keep an entirely seperate notebook/journal all about my stats, and record monthly (when I remember) to track my growth. It can get everyone a little bit down when they’re not growing as quickly as they’d like, but if you set realistic goals, and then focus on your engagement across social media platforms, I’m sure you will not only see some improvement but also feel a little more motivated.

2. Create content you enjoy.
This is probably my all-time-number-one-totally-the-best piece of advice I would give to any other blogger. You started blogging, presumably, because you enjoyed it. It is so easy to compare your work with other peoples, and start to think your doing things wrong, or need to blog about certain subjects, or your content isn’t good enough, or your make-up products not high-end enough, or your location for a shoot doesn’t have those blogger London vibes. YOU DO YOU. Whatever content you enjoy making… keep making it! Your work isn’t supposed to blend in with other peoples – and if it stands out, that’s probably a really good thing! As soon a you start creating work that you’re not really into and passionate about, it will 100% be reflected in the post. Remember the reason you started and let your passion come back into your work!

3. Switch things up.
Sometimes things get a little bit boring in life when you stick to the same routine, and I think this can happen for blogging and influencing too. I like my blog to be a fun place, where my passion for each post shows! If you haven’t tried something new in a while, this might be a great place to get your creative flair back. Try creating a blog series, expanding you niche (even just for a one-off post), collaborating with somebody else or changing up your Instagram theme. Having things regimented sometimes takes the fun out of them – try something spontaneous and let your creative juices flooooow. If you’re struggling to think of new blog post idea’s check out my post ’43 blog post ideas for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers’ for some inspo!

4. Find people who inspire you.
Weather this be in the blogging world, or just in general, its always good to be inspired! I often get really annoyed with the colour scheme of my Instagram feed… (if you say this doesn’t bother you, you’re lying). It always helps me to use Pinterest to be inspired by some gorgeous flat-lays or outfit pictures to remind me what kind of style I like, and inspire me to create my content in different ways!

5. If you need a break, take one.
My final piece of advice is a little bit different, because sometimes you just well and truly know that you need a little bit of a break. I definitely think I put a lot of pressure on myself in regard to blogging and my social media handles, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Alongside making sure your getting enough “you” time every day, if you need to just take a few days, or a few weeks off… do! It’s better to take a small break then force yourself through blogging, and then make it something you stop enjoying all together! Obviously some blogging may be working with brands and have deadlines, but if you really think you need a break schedule in a weekend or a little period of time where you can take your mind off of it all completely, and then when you get back to it you will be fresher and ready to go!

I hope some of these tips gave you a bit of motivation (I know I will defintely be reading them from time to time). I think the most important thing is to know that it is normal to become demotivated and it doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘bad blogger’ or you should ‘stop altogether’ it just means you are human! I hope that you get your creative mo-jo back and start creating content you love and enjoy again!

Thanks for reading, Carrie x

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  1. I currently am MIA on my blog and for some reason I’m just stuck in that situation where I have no idea what to do or what to write about, but after reading this post I think I’m ready to get myself back in the game. Thank you so much for this! <3

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