My Top 3 Mascaras for Length & Volume

Hi again everyone! So the other day on instagram stories I spoke about my three favourite mascaras and quite a few of you messaged me asking for a bit more info so I though why not make a little mini-post about it. I often get asked what mascara I use, so hopefully this can clear it up, to what I probably, definitely, have on my eyes.

Okay so I actually have two top top favourites and one cheaper alternative when I can’t afford the more expensive brands… but is still a really good mascara! So, in order of preference and also the images…

Too Faced’s better than sex mascara. I only started using this a couple of years ago and I don’t know how I ever went without it. It lengthens my lashes like no mascara ever has done before, but also gives them sooo much volume! I’ve always preferred mascaras with quite thick wands and bristles rather than comb and plasticy-rubber wands. These have just always seemed to apply my mascara so much nicer and without and clumps. This wand also has a slight hourglass shape, which really seems to lift my lashes. Better than sex is by far the best mascara I have ever used and I genuinely don’t think I could ask for a mascara to do much more! This mascara costs £18 for the full sized one, and if you have that kinda cash for a mascara I would definitely recommend!

Top three mascaras post

Up next, Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes. Now, this mascara is pretty pricey costing £25 for full sized, however it is really really good. It’s a similar wand to the Too Faced one, so I don’t think I’ll repurchase as Better than sex is a little cheaper, but if you have the money or for some reason don’t get on with Better than sex – this is definitely one to try. The wand is full of thick bristles and I think with this mascara it’s one that definitely gets better once it’s been opened for a little bit and almost dries out. It’s great for keeping my lashes individually and really opens up my eye. Also I only have the mini in this mascara and it has genuinely lasted me forever… even longer than the Better than sex which I buy full sized!!

Top three mascaras post

And finally, the cheaper alternative… C.Y.O’s volume mascara – the thick of it. I only purchased this a few weeks ago but I’m really enjoying using it. It caught my attention as the wand is sooooo chunky, and so is the entire mascara bottle too! At first I thought it might be too chunky, and a bit difficult to apply but now I’m getting used to it’s absolutely fine. The other two mascaras are quite similar whereas this one does have some noticeable differences – the bristles aren’t quite as fine, and it has a corkscrew style wand. I still prefer my Too Faced and Charlotte Tilbury mascara but I love this as a cheaper alternative if pay day is far away, or if I’m just popping a bit of mascara on in the house. This mascara only costs £6 so literally a fraction of the price! Definitely worth giving a go if you haven’t tried it already, it’s also made me want to try some more C.Y.O products!

And that’s all, my three favourite mascaras. Let me know if you’ve tried and of these and how you got along, the only other mascara I’d like to try is Benefit’s bad gal bang. It’s not the usual type of mascara I’d go for but I’ve heard so many good reviews I feel like I need to give it a go! Is it worth it?

Thanks so much for reading! Carrie x

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