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Okay… so a very over due post… I originally planned to do this university Q&A over on YouTube but I’m having a few issues with that at the moment and kinda wanted to get this content out already so it comes to you in blog post format! I’m hoping to get back into YouTube next month but for now sorting out all the issues with editing I’m having (with my rubbish laptop) and filming content is so difficult in between trying to find a flat to move into ASAP and find a career.  Adulting…. uh.

But anyway, focusing back on my happy care-free days, here is my university q&a. If you didn’t already know I’ve just finished studying Fine art (BA Hons) at University of Lincoln! I asked you over on Insta and SnapChat for any university related questions so here are my answers!

Q: Which year of university was your favourite?

A: Ooo tough one – but probably first year. It was so much fun starting university, moving away from home and meeting so many new people. I probably spent too much of my year getting drunk or sleeping off hangovers but I have absolutely no regrets because I had the most amazing year. Course wise though, my favourite year was second year as we started to create our own exhibitions and that was so much fun!

Q: How often do you do university work?

A: Honestly, first year not that much at all. It didn’t seem to affect my grades or anything but I probably should of done a bit more. It’s kind of hard to answer because I only ever really worked when I could, and was in a creative mood. It changed a bit of my dissertation which I ended up working on pretty much every day for a couple of months. I’m a night owl and would always stay up till 7am getting work complete for my deadlines, definitely wouldn’t recommend this haha.

Q: Do many people have part time jobs at university?

A: Yes! I’d say it’s a good 50/50 split. I never actually worked at university but continued my part time temp job when I was home for summer and Christmas in my first year at New Look, and then in my second year I did the same at Clark’s. I remember just trying to cram in so many work hours while I was home for summer so that I could have more money when I went back to uni. Quite a few people I know also had jobs while they were at uni, it really depends what your financial situation is and how much you spend!

Q: What meals do you cook at uni? That are cheap?

A: Love this question! I actually might try to do a blog post or YT video about this. The quickest and easiest meal I like to do is probably pasta, any type of sauce and obviously, cheese on top. Other cheap faves are stir fry, curry, chilli, omelettes and spag Bol! It works out cheaper if you share meals with people too – I definitely saved money when I started to cook with my boyfriend!

Q: What uni’s did you apply for and why did you chose Lincoln?

A: I applied to Lincoln, De Montfort, Coventry, Loughborough and Birmingham City. I got unconditional offers for the four that I went to, and before going to the interview and Loughborough I had already decided I loved Lincoln so didn’t bother going to that interview! I loved Lincoln because it is such a pretty place, I liked the majority of the accommodations and the course covered things I wanted to study! Make sure you research what is in every module of your courses before going to uni so you’re not in for a shock!

Q: Starting uni next year – any advice for someone that’s absolutely shitting themselves?

A: Don’t worry! Going to university was by far the best decision I ever made!! It can be a little bit daunting but just get to know everyone, really put yourself out there and get stuck in and I’m sure you’ll love it! Good luck! X

Q: Three things you think everyone should remember to bring to uni with them?

A: Oooooo good one! I think I would say any cute room decorations – photographs, ornaments, candles (which can’t be lit usually and you may get told off for), posters, diffusers, etc because it makes your room so much more homely and genuinely think it’ll help you settle in! And then second, an extension lead! It’s quite probable you won’t have many plug sockets in your room so an extension lead is sooo hand – it also means if the plugs are in awkward locations you can still charge things from easier places! And third would probably be a lamp or fairy lights because it makes your room look so much cuter and it’s nice being able to have dim lighting or make your room a bit brighter in your working at night!

Q: How much do you miss uni?

A: More than anything!! Take me back!! Best three years ever 🙁

Q: Did you do a foundation degree before your course or come from Alevels or BTEC or what?

A: I came straight from A-Levels and studied Fine Art, Drama and Religious Studies! At AS I also studied Geography. A lot of my art teachers gave me the impression that I wouldn’t get into any universities to study art if I didn’t do a foundation degree first but you deffo don’t need to if you feel confident enough to go straight into it! I know looooads of people who came straight from A-Levels too!

Q: Will you do some university style fashion posts or videos?

A: If this is something you’d like to see I think this could be kinda fun – feels a bit weird now I no longer go to university but it could be kind of everyday basics and how to style them up/down! Let me know what you think!

Q: Are you going to vlog graduation?

A: I’m not sure! Is this something you would like to see! I’ll be taking my camera for some photos anyway, so I could take some footage whilst I was there. I’m not sure how much footage I’d take but I deffo could make a brief video about it! It’s my boyfriend graduation the same week too, and grad ball so I could maybe make a video including them all? Let me know any ideas of what you want to see again!

Q: What do you want to do now you’ve finished uni?

A: Tough one! I’d quite like to go into PR, social media and blogging… but I’m not really sure exactly what. I still want to continue making art but I don’t think I want a job directly as an artist or something really closely related – but still something creative!

Q: If you didn’t study art, what do you think you would study/why?

A: When I first started thinking about applying for uni I was also looking at fashion courses and drama courses, so probably one of them! Deffo still something very creative!

Q: Did you enjoy your uni experience? Would you do it again/make same decisions?

A: 100% loved it! I’d do it all over again if I could! I get so jealous when people tell me they’re off to uni in September, I wish I could go back and relive it!

Okay and that’s them all! Some of the questions have been merged together a little bit as some of them were really similar but hopefully I’ve answered everything! I may do a part two to this if anyone has any more questions so don’t hesitate to pop me a message!

Thanks for reading! Carrie x

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