5 WAYS | To Improve Body Confidence

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From time to time I think we all struggle with body confidence. I’ve particularly noticed how dramatically my confidence has changed since my skin started breaking out badly. So, I wanted to spread a little bit of self-love and positivity. So, here we are, 5 ways to improve your body confidence.

1) Look after yourself. We all know that you feel better when you look after your body. Feed yourself good food, stretch in the morning, push your body to workout harder. One of my all time favourite quotes is ‘Enjoy your body, it is the greatest instrument you will ever own’, and it is SO true. Genuinely, I look after an expensive item of clothing better than I look after myself sometimes. You wouldn’t leave a £100 dress crumpled up on the floor would you?! You’d hang it up and take care of it, right? Your body is literally priceless and sometimes we still don’t take care of them! Your body is with you through your whole life, look after it, treat it, nourish it. You gotta nourish to flourish. For me this can be as simple as having a nice warm bubble bath, taking some time to do some morning yoga or meditation, having a nice healthy dinner and drinking lots of water, or having a good manicure and pedicure. Anything that makes you feel good… just look after yourself.

2) Change your focus. It is so so easy to get caught up on the things that you hate about yourself, and the stuff you want to change. Instead work out what you love. The other morning I was really down about how my skin looked. I didn’t want to put any make-up on my skin because it wouldn’t help my acne, but I needed to go to Tesco and couldn’t face being bare-faced. I then realised how moany I was being. It’s some marks on my face, big deal. Literally nobody cares. I should be grateful that I felt healthy, I’d had a great nights sleep, I’d curled my hair and it looked great, I just needed to shift my focus on what I was happy about rather than moping around about the one thing that was bothering me. Celebrate what you love about yourself.

3) Remove negativity & increase positivity around you. Get rid of anyone who is making you feel less confident. We don’t have time for that. Keep people who are positive around you, hang out with friends, follow body-posi instagram accounts. Get those good vibes going around you and it should definitely lift your confidence. Don’t waste time on the negativity at all, focus entirely on positivity.

4) Remember, your worth isn’t based on how you look.  Your generosity, your kindness, your love, your honesty, your independence, your integrity, your gratitude, your ambition, your loyalty, your respectfulness, your responsibility, your compassion, your reliability. All of these are things to be oozing with confidence about, or to be improved. I used to never really consider how you can improve on my personality too. I work on being more generous, more honest, more reliable, more independent. Confidence comes from within, let’s work on making ourselves beautiful from the inside rather than putting all of our focus on what we see in the mirror.

5) Nobody is perfect. Okay sounds a little bit cliché… but it is just so true. Everyone has different flaws and issues, and things that they are not confident about. We’re all fighting out own battles, so remember you are not alone.


Hopefully these 5 tips help you feel a little more body confident, or give you some ideas on how to become more body confident! Remember you are beauuuut! Thanks for reading, Carrie x

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