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apps every blogger needs

Good morning! I’ve got another little blogging-themed blog post for you today – it’s all about my all-time faveourite apps for editing photos and scheduling posts! It’s mainly blogger themed, however some of these apps are definitely good for anyone who just loves a good editor or wants to try something new! All the apps I’ll be talking about will be completely free to download (but may offer premium features for further services if you got that kinda money… which I definitely don’t.)

Okay so it’s fair to say I’ve tried a fair few photo editing apps over my time on Instagram, and I’ve narrowed it down to my three favourites for editing photos on my actual feed. The main things that I focus on when editing is the brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth. No one wants a yellow-tones pic am I right or am I right?

1. VSCO Cam.
I couldn’t create this list without including my day 1 editing app. So many people use VSCO cam and thats because it’r very good, and very simple. VSCO cam is one of the few apps that actually has pre-set filters that I quite like! Althought I usually don’t use filters, if this is your kinda thing then definitely give VSCO a go! It’s really easy to use, with a simple lay-out so that it doesnt get too confusing. It is limited to how much you can do on a photo in terms of actual editing, but if you’r just looking to play around with lighting, colours and filters then you need to be using this!

vsco cam app vacs cam app

2. Facetune 2.
Okay, so you Facetune your photos? maybe. But Facetune gets a lot of bad press when honestly, its a really good app. Unlike VSCO Cam Facetune 2 offers a much wider range of ways you can edit your photos, especially if you do pay for premium. From changing the entire backdrop of your photo to something completely different or physically editing your pout into a smile.. Facetune 2 is just a really impressive app. It also has similar features to VSCO for general editing of the photos, and has some really nice light effects you can overlay too!

facetune 2 app facetune 2 app

3. Adobe Lightroom CC.
Um, okay, how have I only been using this for the last few months?? If you haven’t already downloaded it, do it immediately. Out of these three, Lightroom CC is probably my current faveourite app. It’s amazing for editing really specific pats of the photo, and can remove individual hues and tones to literally get the perfect photo. It saves presets so that you can create a continous theme on your grid (the dream) and just allows you to basically turn any rubbish photo into somthing spectacular. The only downside to Lightroom CC, is like many Adobe apps, it takes quite a but of getting used to, and the layout isn’t quite as simple. If you have the time and patience definitely persevere with it though as the results can be incredible!

lightroom app lightroom app

Okay, so that’s my top three photo editors for creating the perfect selfie, oots or flatflay for my gram – but it’s also worth mentioning how to make your Instagram stories just that little bit extra! Most of the time, I just whack out an Instagram story in a few seconds, but if you do want a little bit more from you Insta stories, or are working with a brand and want to create something a bit special try that app Unfold.

4. Unfold
Unfold basically allows you to customise the layout of your story a little bit more than Instagram would ordinarily allow you. This means you can create a story with two images, different fonts, different backgrounds, or one moving video and one image etc. I absoloutly love how these stories look, and if you want to put a little extra time in it really pays off. I’ve attatched a couple of examples of some stories I have created using Unfold just so you can see the kind of minimalistic layout I like to create using this app! Also, can we talk about how dreamy the brushstroke font is?!

If you’re a blogger or Instagram influencer you most likely understand the struggles of trying to get your grid to look themed and not all over the shop. It actually puts me in an awful mood when my Instagram grid looks really weird (I know, I’m dramatic) I do however have a handy little app to plan out how my feed is going to look, and this is called Preview.

unfold app   unfold app

5. Preview
Preview is such a good app if you are as fussy as I am! It means you can rearrange your future pictures to get the best order. It’s impossible to try and guess what your grid will look like prior to uploading so when I found this app I was in heaven! It really easily allows you to uplaod photos, and then just switch their places and play around with order. It also has a worth-mentioning built in photo editor, which I often use for photos that don’t require as much heavy editing. If your low on storage and you want a one app does all situation, get this! A little bit of everything and a bloggers heaven!

And then the final app I want to talk about is all about scheduling my posts, and boy – if you haven’t started doing this it honestly saves so much time, especially if you’re a busy person or work at your prime posting time!

preview app preview app

6. Hootsuite
Where was I without Hootsuite? This is THE best scheduling app I have ever found. I particularly love it for Twitter. The free version of Hootsuite allows you to schedule up to 30 posts and log into three accounts. You can pay to allow you to schedule even more content, but for me this is perfect as I still like quite a lot of my content to be raw and on the spot, however Hootsuite just keeps my posts a little bit more consistent and regular. It’s pretty simple to use and has easy functions. I’d recommend downloading the ‘Enhance‘ app which is also free for editing any twitter images as it makes this process so quick and easy as the apps are linked- it will give you an option to download this when you try to attatch your frst image. I’ve only been really getting into using Hootsuite this last month and I cannot reccomend it enough. It makes me feel so so organised and its great for promoting your content if you have that scheduled too.

hoot suite hoot suite

And that finishes up my faveourite, and must-have app’s for all bloggers! Do you use any of these apps and love them as much as I do? If you have any other recomendations I would love to hear them and try them out so do let me know! Hope you enjoyed reading, Carrie x

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