Janna Skincare Face Mask | Testing & Review.


Hello again! I have a little beauty review for you today, all about Janna, a skincare brand who kindly sent me a few of their sheet masks from their Janna Collection to try out & test! If you didn’t already know I’m having quite a lot of trouble with my skin at the moment, and when I say quite a lot, I mean I’m having a bloody nightmare. I’m planning on doing a really in depth ‘skin story’ (after mentioning my skin issues on some vlogs) but long story short about three weeks ago my skin suddenly started breaking out sooo badly (like full-on acne) and I was obviously like “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” and to be entirely honest, I still have no idea. But, without ranting too much about how much my face is annoying me, I am now trying some acne cream that contains Benzoyl Peroxide.. which dries your skin out like crazy! I’m avoiding moisturiser at the moment too (after hearing mixed opinions on if it helps acne or not) so my skin is literally flaking off.. hopefully in the long-run it’ll mean my skin clears up, but for now it seems to just be so dry, so flaky, and still covered in spots.

In all honesty I’ve been trying to avoid using any products on my skin AT ALL. I feel like anything might just make my skin flare up even worse or just irritate it in general, so I’ve basically made my morning and evening routine as: wash with just water (no soap) and using the benzoyl peroxide cream to try and help my skin. But, as I mentioned, I’m definitely noticing the down sides of benzoyl peroxide as my skin feels so dry it could CRACK.

I won’t lie, I was a little bit worried about trying out this sheet mask, purely because when I originally was contacted by the brand my skin wasn’t THIS bad, and now, I’d class it as full-on-acne. I decided to opt for the hydrating maskĀ as I thought as a one-off moisturising treat it might help my skin from feeling not quite so tight and rough. I’m usually quite sensitive to face masks and sheet masks anyway so I was very pleased when I initially applied this and experienced no stinging or itching.

janna skin

The mask aims to ‘provide intense hydration to soothe and repair dry and tired skin’ it also contains hyaluronic acid, which is known for helping to plump skin and reduce signs of ageing. I left the mask on for 15 minutes (even though it does recommend 20) purely because I am so so paranoid my skin would flare up. I needn’t be worried though as this mask was really soothing and my face felt smoother to touch and the appearance of dryness wasn’t as obvious. I must admit, this mask was going on to the worlds driest face, so it obviously didn’t make my skin completely hydrated… but it definitely made a well-needed difference. I also noticed that when applying make-up the next morning my skin still felt more moisturised! I am currently only wearing powdered foundation as I have read and heard that liquid is far worse for breeding acne (grim). Do you know how hard is to apply DRY powder foundation to DRY FLAKY skin? Virtually impossible. No primer, no moisturiser, just dry on dry. It’s vile. So, the next morning after applying this mask my powder foundation went on so much smoother, with far less visible dry patches.

I’d love to know how hydrating this mask must be for someone with fairly moisturised skin anyway – I reckon it would literally make your face feel incredible! Honestly though, this mask gave me a little confidence boost that I needed! If you have sensitive skin I would definitely recommend this too! I’ve only tried the hydrating mask as I don’t want to overwhelm my skin too much just yet… baby steps eh? But if the firming lift mask is anything as good as the hydrating mask I will be 100% repurchasing both!

The final thing I just wanted to mention is that I am very pleased to see that this sheet mask hasn’t been tested on animals and is 100% biodegradable! Another reason to love this brand! I’d like to thank Janna for sending these over – my skin definitely needed this little pamper! If you’re interested in looking at Janna’s range you can click the link here.

Let me know if you’d like to see a more in depth either video or post about my skin – I definitely feel like I could talk about it forever! Thanks for reading, Carrie x

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