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korres review

A little beauty-skin-care-esk review for you today, as I was recently gifted some products from Korres, an award-winning greek brand which creates all-natural products. Everything they create is parabon-free, mineral-oil free AND phthalates free. I’d never actually tried anything from Korres before, although I had heard of it and seen it sold at M&S, so I was excited to try. After researching up on the Korres heritage, brand, and products it was quite clear about the level of dedication and quality of the Korres brand. They have a ‘no-waste’ operations and even state that they ‘have made the decision to use natural instead of chemical solvents despite the higher cost.’ I love the entire ethos of the brand, and if you fancy a little science lesson and lots of mind-boggling chemistry and interesting facts, then check out their website and you’ll probably be as obsessed as I am – linked here.

However, without going into their brand too much, what where the actual products I have been using and would I recommend? I was sent two products from the ‘Santorini Vine’ range, the Shower gel and the Body milk. All of the different scent’s are packaged beautifully, with the Santorini Vine range being a blue print of (what I assume is) an image of Santorini. It was actually embarrassing about how pleased I was when I opened it up and saw I had this range as it would match the blue tiles in my bathroom perfectly hahah. The scent is fairly similar in both products (although no identical) which is a little bit sweet smelling, and a little bit fruity but not overpowering or sickly (like most of the shower gels I use). Maybe i am influenced by the name and the images but I definitely get holiday vibes from this! It actually really reminds me of the scent of wine gums (not a very classy comparison) a sort of sweet fruity wine-y smell.

korres review

The shower gel was the first product I tested and I was really impressed with how a little went such a long way. Being quite a pricey product (£8 for 250ml) it was great to see that it wouldn’t run out within a week. The shower gel foams up nicely and left my skin feeling really moisturised. Although it is a pricey product, I definitely did prefer using this to my usual £2 range shower gels. So, if you have the money, I would definitely recommend!

The body milk is slightly less strong in scent, and includes almond oil, active Aloe and provitamins B5, which aims to improve the skins suppleness. I’m a big fan of any kind of body milk, and love feeling all smooth and moisturised so was really happy to receive this. The body milk is again, on the more expensive side at £10 for 200ml, however the same goes that a little does go along way. The body milk absorbed into my skin really fast, and didn’t leave that horrible slimey-wet-cold feeling some body milks can give you. After using the body milk for just a week, I definitely noticed a difference in the overall texture of my skin – particularly the areas that usually feel driest. For my fake-tan lovers out there, it also really helped with the application of fake tan, no streaky patches or clinging to any dry bits!

Overall I’m really loving both of these products, and am dreading the day they run out as I’m growing quite attached. I think they’re a lovely luxury product if you’re fancying something a little bit more pampering, or would be especially nice to give as a gift. The other ranges from Korres also look lovely and I might ask for the Guava or Almond Cherry body milk as a stocking filler!

If you want to read more about Korres, shop the range, or purchase any products you can click here.

Have you tried anything from Korres, what did you think? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, Carrie.


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