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grethers pastilles

I absolutely love that it’s finally started to get colder, I’m so ready for the winter months. Give me hot chocolate, movie nights with blankets, bonfires and fireworks. The one thing I don’t like? Getting ill. I’ve always had a bit of a pathetic immune system, so whenever anyone close to me is ill, the next day I will inevitably be ill. For winter I’m always cramming my handbag full of cough and cold essentials. Little packets of tissues, cough sweets, and cold and flu tablets are an essential. I was recently kindly gifted a new favourite winter handbag essential that I wanted to share with you; Grether’s Pastille’s.

grethers pastilles

Grether’s Pastilles are lozengers which are beneficial to the throat and voice. I was kindly sent two flavours, Blackcurrant and Redcurrant but they also come in Elderflower and Blueberry. The first sign I get when I am getting a cold is always feeling a bit run down, or waking up with a sore throat, so these will be perfect for fighting off the sore throats and loss of voice I am bound to have coming my way. Made with glycerine and fruit juice the lozenges not only taste great because of the fruit juice, but the vegetable glycerine and red algae agar-agar help to soothe the throat, have a softening effect and stimulate natural saliva production.

grethers pastilles

The redcurrant pastilles came in this adorable little tin- which will be what I keep in my handbag, but this would also be handy to keep in an office desk or in your car! The compact small size makes it perfect for taking around with you, and the packaging is just so cute, I love the gold and vintage vibes – theres nothing ugly and medical about these, is there?! I’ll probably even re-use the little tin for hair bands and bobby pins too! The redcurrant flavour is sweet but not too overpowering, perfect if your not a fan of overpowering flavours and would opt for something more subtle. This redcurrant flavour is also sugar-free!┬áThe blackcurrant flavour is my favourite though, it’s much stronger than the redcurrant but I really like that. Blackcurrant is my go-to flavour for any sweet too so I knew I’d love these! These came in a 100g refill bag – but ill definitely be swapping a few from the tin to the bag so that I can have two flavours in my handbag! It’s definitely going to be a struggle to not eat these like sweets because they taste so so good: I must not snack on the lozenges, I must not snack on the lozenges! Both are also gluten and lactose free too!

grethers pastilles

Grether’s Pastilles already have a great reputation amongst singers and performers such as Ariana Grande, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry. I am awful at singing, but I think these would be perfect to pop in your handbag if you are somebody who enjoys or studies singing, performing or acting and often strain your voice! (Also, perfect little stocking filler!)

If you’re interested in reading anything else about Grether’s Pastilles you can check out their website here!

Let me know what your winter handbag essential is, and thanks so much for reading!


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