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I am the laziest person ever. I could lay in bed until 6pm, and then go back to bed after dinner at 8pm. I can procrastinate for an entire day. This really isn’t great because it means nothing ever gets done. Since I moved out I’ve really tried to make my days a little bit more productive (basically grow up a little bit & start to get shit done). So here are my top 8 tips on how to be more productive every day!

1. It’s an obvious one, but wake up one hour earlier. Even if you’re a late riser like me… if you used to get up at 11am, make it 10am, if you usually get up at 7am, try getting up at 6am. This one will only work if you’re getting enough sleep in the first place – I was getting way over my eight hours, so by just pushing myself to get up one hour earlier I was gaining 7 hours each week to get stuff done. Sounds stupid but if you devote that time to something specific – cleaning the house, catching up on emails, having a nice long bubble bath, catching up on lecture notes – whatever it may be, those hours add up.

2. Do the small tasks first. If you have 10 things on your to-do list, 5 of them being small things, and 5 being much larger sit-down tasks, do the 5 small first. If you can get through half of your to-do list quickly its going to spur you on to get more shit done! AND, there are less things on your mind, meaning you can focus on those big tasks! So, go start on the washing up.

3. Make your time worth-while. Don’t half-heartedly do something. Focus your time and it will get done half as quick. You could have a job that will take an hour to complete, but if you’re going to try and flick through Facebook, check your Instagram notifications, watch your favourite series in the background, have a conversation with your friend and eat some lunch at the same time – it’s going to take at least 3 hours. If you’re going to get something done, actually focus on doing just that.

4. Set yourself a REALISTIC to do list. Schedule in breaks. If you try to overwork yourself it is way more likely you will fall behind and then give up all together and end up watching Netflix all day. Schedule in a set amount of hours for working in the day but make sure you leave some time off to eat and enjoy your breakfast and lunch, take some time to go on a little walk outside, or nip to shop, a nice hour for dinner and some winding-down time.

5. Think about your environment. I often get way more work done when I go outside of my house. If you’re at home it is so much easier to procrastinate and laze around. My blogging always gets done quicker when I’m at a coffee shop, and my uni work always got done quicker when I took the time to go to the library.

6. Start your day right. Make sure you get up, have a shower, get dressed, and have some nice breakfast. Have the perfect little morning will set you in good stead for the rest of the day. If I haven’t showered, have greasy hair and panda eyes from my left over make-up that I didn’t take off properly, have some cold left-over pizza for breakfast and am wearing my boyfriends baggy t-shirt chances are, I won’t get as much done as if I’m fresh out the shower, in some comfy clothes and just ate a smoothie bowl and a glass of water. Be the productive person you want to be.

7. Take time in the morning to plan out what you need to-do, and how your tasks can fit around one another. You can often save way more time if you actually work out what you need to do, and the best order to do it in. I have just washed my hair and I’m writing this blog post with it up in a towel as it partially dries. When I go to dry my hair it will take half the time to dry than if i’d of done it straight away – saving me time. If you need to pop out to get something from the shop, is there anywhere else you need to go to save you popping out again later. Work out the most productive order to get things done!

I hope these tips help and you start having some really productive days and accomplishing everything on your to-do list! Thanks so much for reading!

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