My Dream Man-i | SensatioNail Peel Off Base.


Hi angels! A couple of weeks ago I was kindly gifted some products from SensatioNail, which if you haven’t already heard of is a brand that created UV and LED gel nail polishes and I am now OBSESSED and have been so excited to write this post up!

SensatioNail have recently brought out a new product, and its the Peel Off Strip Gel Base Coat. The purpose of this is basically to apply it as your base coat, and then when you want to remove your polish you can simple remove the gel with one easy single peel. If I’m entirely honest I was a little dubious about whether or not a peel-off base coat would work… surely a nail polish with something that PEELS OFF underneath it can’t last very long?! Spoiler: I was wrong. Before I go into the results in too much depth, lets talk about the products & application!

I was kindly gifted everything I’d need to create the perfect manicure, from the LED lamp and the base coats to three of their polish colours. You can buy a lot of these thing in sets which are already made for you though which is really handy! The 3 shades I received were, ‘Nude Mood’, which is what I use in this video & the perfect everyday nude, ‘Mauve it or Lose it’ and ‘Bubbly Champagne’ which will be perfect for Christmas and New Year as its sparkly!


Thought a little video would be a cute way to show you the lamp in action! But more importantly, this is how quick and easy the steps are! If you’re doing this at home make sure you check your products and refer to their instructions too!

1) File and shape your nails, you can use the grey side of the nail file for this. Then use the flat end of the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles, the gel might struggle to stick to the base of your nail if you don’t do this! Once you’ve done that you can use the pink side of the nail to lightly go over the top of your nail to remove the natural shine. Then use one of the lint free wipes and some of the gel cleanser to clean your nails. That’s it, you’re all prepped and ready to go!

2) I then used the StripGel base coat, once you’ve applied a thin layer of this you cure it under the LED lamp for just 15 seconds. The great thing about this lamp is that after 15 seconds the lamp will do a ‘blink’ so you’ll know when your time is up!

3) I then opted for the ‘Nude Mood’ polish and applied a thin layer. Make sure you remember to cap the top of your nails as this will make your mani last a lot longer. The polish takes 30 seconds to cure under the LED lamp, which not only blinks are 15 seconds but will stop after 30, so for this step you can leave your nails under there until your lamp turns off. You then want to do a second coat exactly the same and cure for another 30 seconds.

4) For the final step I used the top coat from the essentials kit, however you can not buy no-wipe top coats which come in the Peel Off Strip Gel starter kit which would make this step even easier! But, in my case, I popped on the top coat and cured this for 15 seconds and then used a lint-free wipe and some of the cleanser to wipe off the residue. Voila- Perfect Nails… Or should I say, SensationNails.

I found the process so quick, with even the first time taking under 15 minutes! My manicure lasted for 12 days immaculately, and on the 12th day I noticed a little chip on one of my nails and the polish had started to lift slightly, but after lasting 12 days, I wasb’t even the slightest bit mad! To remove the polish I simply used the cuticle stick on the edge of the polish and just lifted it off, and like promised, with one movement the nails were off. Ready to buff and paint again. This is so perfect if you have a one off event where you want a certain colour nails, or just like switching thins up regularly!

The manicure kit truly has me shook, and will save so much money compared to getting manicures. I really feel like it’s one of those items you never realised you needed until you have it! Now, every two weeks I’ll be refreshing my nails and never having horrible chipped nails for work or for product shoots on here. I cannot wait!!

You can purchase the Strip Gel starter kit from the SensatioNail website linked here!

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