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I was kindly gifted two products from a brand called J.One, and I am totally totally amazed! J.ONE is a Korean brand that is now being sold in the UK, and the two products that were kindly sent over to me were the Hana Cream; a capsule cream with an anti-wrinkle effect, and the J.ONE Jelly Pack which is a multifunctional primer gel. I’m amazed with both products but I can’t wait to tell you about the Hana cream, so let’s talk about that first!

The Hana Cream is described as a capsule cream, and to be entirely honest… I didn’t really have a clue what that meant. When I unpackaged the box I found a tiny plastic spatula, as you can imagine, I was very intrigued. After opening the little frosted glass jar that the product comes in I saw that this cream is LITERALLY little capsules. I’ve seen it being described as the “caviar of skincare”, and this sums it up perfectly. The aim of the capsules is that the correct amount of the cream has been measured out for you – rather than guessing how much to apply. It’s also practically impossible to get these little capsules out with your fingers without crushing them, so you do have to actually use the little spatula. hana cream

Once you’ve got one of the little capsules out with the spatula you simple squeeze it in-between you fingers and it crushes really easily and becomes the consistency of a thick creamy moisturiser. I think this is probably the most fun moisturising product I have ever used: have you seen anything like this before?

Of course, it’s not all about the capsules but how the cream performs too. Hana cream claims to have an ‘anti-wrinkle effect’ and be great for ageing or dry skin. In my case, its dryness. If you haven’t heard my skin woes (I feel like I go on about it 24/7) I have been using 5% benzoyl peroxide in an attempt to clear up my acne, which I mainly suffer from on the sides of my face. Benzoyl peroxide dries you skin out a CRAZY amount, and I have also been trying to avoid using moisturiser and primer every day to let this drying process work (I’ve heard mixed reviews about moisturising with acne so I decided to temporarily cut it out!) I have recently re-introduced some primer and moisturiser particularly on the areas that don’t suffer with severe acne so my forehead, nose, chin etc. This skin has really benefited from this and on the occasion when I have used the Hana cream I’ve experienced no break outs or irritation which is amazing! The moisturiser is very thick and creamy and uses Macademia Oil which is great for absorbing into the skin and also has inflammatory properties too. hana cream

Similarly to the moisturiser, I have only slowly been introducing primer too. The J.ONE Jelly Pack is a 30ml moisturiser and claims to be a ¬†multifunctional primer for priming, hydrating, firming and smoothing. Now that my skin is so dry, when I do have the odd occasional where I need a full face of make up its virtually impossible to apply liquid foundation on the extremely dry skin. This primer has improved my make-up application so much, without making me break out (anymore than I already do). I’m so happy to have found a primer that doesn’t make my situation any worse than it already is! The smallest amount goes such a long way too, so this will last me ages. hana cream

I am already loving both of these products, but I am excited to use them even more and begin to try using them over my whole face, including my problem areas and maybe even introduce them as part of my daily routine.. (baby steps though). You can purchase J.ONE products at Boots, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay. The J.ONE Hana cream costs ¬£38 for 40g of capsules and the J.ONE Jelly Pack Primer is ¬£20 for a 30ml bottle or ¬£32 for a 50m bottle (both linked to the Boots website if you’re interested). I’d 100% recommend these to anyone who suffers dry skin as they have made such a difference to my routine! I’m still totally obsessed with the Hana cream and I think I always will be!

Have you heard of a capsule cream before? Would you like to try one? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! x

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