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I was recently kindly gifted two body mists from one of my all-time favourite brands… Missguided! I know that Missguided have a variety of different perfumes and body mists but I’d never actually tried one, so this was my first experience with their fragrances. The two bottles that I received are both body mists and are in the scents ‘Vibe Enhancer’ and ‘Unicorn Dreams’, the other two in this range are called ‘Boy Tears’ (what a great name) and ‘Instant Feels’. I love the names and packaging on these bottles – it’s very in-keeping with Missguided as a brand. The body mists come in a hefty 290ml bottle, which I love, and it means the product seems to last forever.

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The Vibe Enhancer scent is probably marginally my favourite. I absolutely love anything that is scented really sweet, body mists, perfumes, candles. So, if you’re anything like me and love sweet scents you will love Vibe Enhancer. Its a really sweet and fruit fragrance. Unicorn Dreams is not entirely dissimilar to Vibe Enhancer as it’s also quite sweet and fruity, however it has a coconut smell to it too, and really gives me summer holiday and Pina Colada vibes!

I’ve been using Vibe Enhancer literally non-stop since receiving it and it has only use the tiniest bit of the bottle which is still so full. I’d say the scent lasts for about half a day, not all day, but for £10 I wouldn’t expect them too. As the bottles are so huge I don’t mind topping it up and refreshing midway through my day! I’d definitely recommend these body mists, as they’re great value for money as they’re huge and last just as long as many much more pricey body mists. If you’re interested in purchasing these body mists you can click here to be taken to them on the Misguided website!

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