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herbalife 21 day fitness challenge

Hope everyone has had a good Monday and started the week off well! Today I’ve got a little mini blog post about the fitness challenge I will be taking part in over the next 21 days! Herbalife got in touch with me before Christmas to tell me about their January fitness challenge which starts today (7th Jan) and is mentored by ex-Olympic athlete Samantha Clayton. The challenge basically aims to motivate you by sharing a new workout each day, which you are able to complete in your own home!

One of my New Years Resolutions was definitely to get into better shape and improve my diet. These workouts are perfect as they are so easy to do that you don’t even need to go to the gym and they’re really easy to change and edit depending on your level of fitness. Although Herbalife got in touch with me about this and gifted me a few things, this blog post isn’t sponsored, I just thought this would be a really nice challenge to share with as many of you as possible who are aiming towards a healthier lifestyle for the new year and improve your fitness!

The challenges are uploaded as videos to Herbalife’s blog which I’ve linked here! Also you can make sure you’re following @herbalifenutrition on Instagram as the link to each new challenge will be in their bio, and they are sharing loads of stories on their Instagram about everyone joining the challenge – even more motivation!

herbalife 21 day fitness challenge

Herbalife also kindly sent me over some gym kit & some nutrition to kick start my wellness goals. I haven’t tried all of these products, or for an extended period of time so can’t review them properly yet, so I’ll keep you updated on how they work for me… so far the peanut protein bar is a winner though!

I’d love to know if you’re getting involved with the 21 Day Fitness Challenge or what your fitness goals are this year if you have any! Thanks for reading and lets smash it! x

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