HOW TO: Start A Blog (The Very Basics)

how to start a blog

Hi everyone, welcome back to another Sunday blogging post! If you don’t already know, every other Sunday I’ll be uploading a new blog post all about blogging tips or frequently asked questions which are blogging related! Hope you enjoy and I finally get to answer more questions in more depth! If you want to see last weeks post it’s all about taking the perfect flat lay which is linked here! Hope you enjoy these little blogging posts and if you have anything in particular you’d like me to write about please let me know!

One of my all-time most asked questions, especially in my Instagram DM’s is ‘How do I start a blog?‘.. so for todays post I’m going back to the very basics and talking through how exactly you can go about starting a blog!

So first of all, you really need to have a think about what you want to blog about, and then come up with a name for your blog. Make sure you try and think of a name that is memorable and easy to spell. If someone wants to visit your site but can’t remember how to spell it, that’s one lost reader. Also take my advice and try not to include too many hyphens. Things like this may also affect your domain authority later in the blogging game, so it’s worth putting the effort into now and finding a good name.

You then need to decide what platform you want to use. There’s so many pro’s and con’s to each platform. My advice would be that if you’re looking for something really easy and straightforward, start with Blogger, and if you’re serious serious about blogging, have already used it before or want to put in a bit more effort then go for WordPress which takes a little bit longer to figure out but gives you so many more options for customisation and improving your website.

I’d recommend your next step to make sure that other social media platforms also have your chosen name available, even if you’re not sure about if you want to branch into these – its good to almost reserve the Instagram name/Twitter/Pinterest/YouTube if it’s something you ever think you may want to venture into – the last thing you want it someone else thinking of the same name!

So that’s the very start to creating your platform! The very very basics. You then might want to think about what your “niche” is, if you want one. I know so many bloggers with such a wide variety of posts that I don’t think you HAVE to have a niche, however if you can categorise the main things you want to talk about this can be handy for advertising and promoting your blog – it really depends what kind of ideas you have in the first place. If you decide on a niche, or if you don’t, your next step will be to begin writing content.

how to start a blog

The best part about creating a blog is that it is all entirely up to you – I could suggest what your first post could be about but it’s really whatever you want to do. If you want a welcome post, if you want an about you post, if you want to jump straight in to a beauty review. It’s all about whatever you want now!

You can begin to customise layouts to try and find something which fits for the kind of blog you’re looking to create. If you love photography you may want the photos to become a key focus, or you may want snippets of text on your home page. Again, this really depends, I’d suggest playing around with free theme’s until you know what kind of vibe you’re after. You can actually get loads of brilliant free themes online by just google searching them and downloading them. If you are willing to splash some cash Etsy have some great theme designs which you can purchase. Although in the same way I haven’t included purchasing a domain name, I’d suggest not paying anything until you have at least been blogging for a month and know that you want to 100% stick it out.

Another way to customise your blog is to create either a logo or a header. I personally love to use Canva which is a free website and app that allows you to create great logo’s and templates. It’s how I created my header, my media kit, my YouTube thumbnails and my Pinterest blog pins. 100% recommend. You can also add an ‘About’ page or a bio to make your blog feel a little more personal, an image of yourself can sometimes also help to do this, but again – entirely up to you!

So by this point you should have a pretty decent looking blog, have began to write some posts for maybe a niche, maybe not, and have made your blog a little personalised if you wish. Your next step is to start promoting it EVERYWHERE. I can’t recommend doing this enough. There is no point in being shy or embarrassed about sharing your blog with people. It’s something which takes a lot of time and effort, and something you should be proud of! Share it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest! Your stats will also motivate you to keep up the hard work!

I’d also recommend planning and scheduling posts in advance, as time can pass really quickly and your blog can easily become neglected (trust me). If you have a spare afternoon try to plan some ideas or lists of blog posts you want to create and draft them out. If you’re struggling on blog post idea’s I’ve written a post about 43 blog post ideas for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers which may help!

I hope if you’re thinking about starting a blog that this was helpful, I know its the very very basics but so many of you requested this one so I thought this blog post may be a good point of reference! Thanks for reading and let me know if theres any other questions you have for how to start a blog, thanks so much for reading! x

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