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brow journey

I can’t name one person who hasn’t been on a journey with their brows, if it’s not that you’ve plucked them pencil thin, its that you went to heavy with pencilling them in. However I think i’ve finally found my perfect set of brow products and shape that I am happy with, so I though today I’d talk you through my brow journey, and how I reached my final brow destination…

When I was younger I always had really thick bushy eyebrows, which I hated. Before the age that I even knew how to pluck them off I always thought they were too unruly and took over my whole face. When I finally got to the age where I knew what tweezers where I took advantage of this and plucked and plucked away at the hairs to create what I though was the “perfect arch”… which it definitely wasn’t. What I didn’t realise was that although my naturally huge brows may have needed to be a little bit tamed – my natural shape was what suited my face best. It was only until the Kardashian and Cara Delevigne era of brows that I finally reverted back to letting them grow out and just shaping them slightly. I now fill my brows in with either powder or a pencil, trim them slightly and pluck them into a slightly more tamed shape.

I was recently gifted some new tweezers (which semi-inspired this post) and they are honestly a complete game changer! I’ve always used pretty cheap tweezers and although my new Rubis tweezers are a bit pricier at just over £20, they’re so much better than any other tweezers that I’d 100% recommend. Most tweezers claim to be perfectly precise but I have had so many pairs that don’t seem to meet properly and therefore don’t get the perfect grip. These are completely different, the company that creates them actually began from being used to create watches for brands like Rolex and Cartier who needed really precise tweezers, they then branched out into beauty tools and I am very pleased about it – if you’ve never tried, you HAVE to!

my brow journey

So other than my new trusty tweezers, in terms of products I have a few favourites! First of all, my brows would be nothing without my Sigma small angle brush (e65). This little baby is only £12, has lasted me literally years and years and is still in amazing condition. I usually just use this with a dark brown eyeshadow, my favourites being the dark brown in the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette or the Revolution brow palette.

Benefit create two of my favourite products to use on my brow, and thats their ‘Browvo! Conditioning Primer‘ (£24.00) and their ‘High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter‘ (£19.00). The primer creates such a good base to start my eyebrows with, and as a step I used to completely miss out, I now hate going without it. The highlighter is perfect for highlighting your brow bone, its subtle but creamy, and if you’re ever after a more intense look you can apply highlighter on top of this creamy base for a blinding highlighter that lasts all day. These two steps make such a difference!

My last step is a brow gel to hold the whole situation into place. I have two different gels I use which are (kind of oddly) from New Look. I used to work at New Look so when I had my discount I tried out loads of their different beauty products (all of which where AMAZING and I’m gutted the Pure Colour range discontinued.. if ya know ya know) Anyway, I bought one of their ‘Brush on Brows Fibre Gel’ which you can now buy from ASOS which I’ve linked… and I kid you not, this has lasted me 3 years. Might be slightly gross that I still use it but lets keep it real we all have some weird old beauty products right? Recently when I was in New Look they had a sale on there beauty so I picked up on of their ‘Shape & Fix Eyebrow Gel” for a couple of pounds as I assume its discontinued… and this works just as well as the fibre one!

So that’s it! My brow journey and the products that have finally tamed my wild brows! If you have any brow favourites I’d love to know them! Thanks for reading x



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