Reflecting on 2018 & Resolutions for 2019


Hello again everyone! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and an amazing time welcoming the New Year in! I’ve had a bit of a break from social media for the last couple of weeks of 2018 which wasn’t planned but was really nice. I was getting so stressed out about what content I was enjoying creating and it really helped to take a little break, re-evaluate and plan some content for the new year. So, it’s finally come to the time where I am going to reflect on last year’s resolutions and create some new ones!

So, what exactly did I want to achieve last year? If you want to read the blog post for my new years resolutions for 2018 it’s linked here... but, I’ll briefly summarise my goals. My first resolution was to stop drinking fizzy drinks and energy drinks, which I’ll give myself half points for. I’ve completely cut out energy drinks (a lot easier now I’m done with university) but still pretty bad with fizzy drinks. I also wanted to post more regularly on here which I definitely improved (although I’d still like to do this even more). I wanted to manage my time between uni work and blogging work, which I think I finally managed towards the end of third year and I’m chuffed with achieving a 2:1 whilst improving my blogging too! Aw looking back on this one makes me happy; I wanted to start creating videos/vlogging! SO pleased I started with YouTube (if you’re not subscribed please go and do hehe). And my final 2018 resolutions was to save money, I feel like I kind of did this on and off, me & Lewis managed to save enough to go to Barcelona to celebrate university finishing despite always being poor through the final year which was really lovely!

2018 was an amazing year and one I definitely won’t be forgetting, university finished *sobs* but I had the absolute best time and graduated with a 2:1 which was THE MOST amazing day, I also watched Lewis graduate with a first (clever bunny) and we have moved out of our parents homes and into our first little flat together in Lincoln. I worked so hard on my blog, Youtube and instagram and got to work with some amazing brands which I am so grateful for! I also met my bestie Charlotte (peak of 2018 lets be real) and created so so many funny amazing memories with her! 2019 you have a lot to live up to!

So, what are this years resolutions?

  1. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I feel like I’ve put on about 5 stone since moving in with Lewis and treating ourselves to way too many meals out and takeaways so I need to get into better shape and better health for sure.
  2. Drink 2 litres of water every day, and cut down on any fizzy/sugary drinks.
  3. Set up a blogging schedule e.g. post on Sundays at 4pm (not sure when yet though so no promises hehe)
  4. Spend my money better. Spend less money on rubbish-y food, cheap fast fashion and useless things, and spend more on memorable experiences; nights away, holidays, date nights, trips to the theatre etc.
  5. Try to become more environmentally friendly; use less plastic and reduce the amount of meat I eat. (I’ll be writing a blog post about this too!)
  6. Do more mindful activities; yoga, reading books, drawing and painting etc.

I have a few little mini goals and resolutions too but I think my main 6 I need to work towards are those! I also think this year I need to set up quarterly reviews of how I’m getting on because I swear by April I completely forget what I even wanted to achieve!

If you have any New Year Resolution I would love to hear them so let me know! Hope you’re all having the best fresh start to the New Year and I’ll see you soon for another blog post! Thanks for reading x

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