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daytox review

If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear me rant and ramble for hours about how bad my skin currently is, I ought to quickly tell you, my skin is awful. I have a very lengthy skin post going up next week that explains in great depth about my skin journey and about different things I’ve tried, diet changes, doctor’s advice etc, however this is a bit of shorter post reviewing a few bits from the company Daytox which were kindly gifted just before Christmas.

I’m always apprehensive about beginning to use new products because of my acne-prone skin and constant break outs (cries). I took it really slow with Daytox and only introduced it into my routine bit by bit, I’m really pleased with how well it works on my sensitive skin so I thought I’d share my thoughts for anyone who is looking for some new products to try – especially if you have a similar skin type!

The three items I have been testing out is the Daily Hydration Antioxidant Facial Cream, the Night & Day Facial Oil and the Cleansing Foam.┬áNow I know it’s not all about looks but woooow I love the minimal packaging of the Daytox products. I’m instantly on board with any oil’s that have a pipette… and how cute is the glass jar of face cream?! Feeling the medical vibes and these will deffo feature in some future flat lays!

The first product that I introduced into my routine around December was the Cleansing Foam. This foam is made for sensitive skin and is described as a “delicate facial foam”. The foam contains Vitamin B5 and almond oil which works really well for dry skin. I use this in the evening and just lather it up with warm water on my face and neck. Its a really light almost mousey consistency – and very little product goes such a long way!

daytox review

The daily hydration facial cream has to be my favourite product out of the three. As I am using Benzoyl Peroxide on my acne, my skin can get really, really dry. This facial cream is so light and doesn’t leave a really thick creamy layer over my face like some day creams. it absorbs into my skin straight away and leaves me feeling really refreshed and my skin much softer and smoother. Again, smells bloody amazing too.

Ill admit, I’ve only used the face oil a handful of times so far, mainly when I’m in need of a little bit of extra pampering, but so far I’m loving it. It’s a really hydrating oil and makes my skin instantly glowy, I definitely think this would be the perfect base for a glowy/dewey make-up look!

I’m really enjoying including these three products into my skincare routines and I’m so pleased I’ve found three new products that I trust will not break me out! Let me know if you have any good recommendations to try out or what you’re current favourites are for your skincare regimes! As always, thank you for reading! x

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