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skincare routine & acne journey

Good Afternoon lovelies, so I have a very over-due post today – my updated everyday skincare routine. As some of you may already know I started suffering with acne last year when I moved into my new flat. At first I thought I was just breaking out a little bit because of the stress of the move however 8 months later and it still hasn’t completely cleared up. Having said this theres a few thing I know that definitely make my skin worse and they are; wearing heavy make-up, drinking alcohol, not getting enough sleep and not following a good skincare routine. I’ve finally mastered my skincare routine to something which my skin is actually happy with, and it is simply 5 products (well 4 products and one device), so without rambling on too much here are my fave fave fave products that I genuinely couldn’t recommend enough if you suffer with acne/sensitive skin because they’re all amaze (and if they work for me, who knows they might work for you too!)

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1. PMD; Personal Microderm* (£145 – gifted for review)
Ok, so first of all let me disclose that this product was gifted. However, I actually requested this products after working with PMD in the past as I’d seen a few people had recommended it for acne. I also was no obligated to post about it if it didn’t work for me – but it hand on heart has helped my skin SO much!

So first of all, let me explain what the PMD is and does. Microdermabrasion is “a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells on the face”. This process aims to basically remove lines and blemishes from your skin. PMD have basically created this, a personal microderm. The device involves a spinning disk and a suction to leave your skin looking “fresh and radiant”by removing the dead, dull skin cells on top of your skin. The PMD comes with a few different discs depending on how coarse you want the disk to be, and how sensitive your skin is. I began, and still mostly use the white disk which is the most sensitive you can get, and every now and then I swap to the grey which is the next disk along. If you want to see the full gradient of disks (8 altogether) then some more info is available on the website linked here.

The device comes with lots of instructions and even includes a DVD on how to use it which I would recommend watching before you start. You use the PMD by creating taught areas of skin and almost stroking the suction device across your face – you need to be careful to not go over the same area twice or hold it in one ear for too long as this can take off too may layers of the skin and give you red marks! I also want to mention that I don’t use the microderm on my active acne (which have diminished a lot in the last few months) but more so on the areas where I have some acne scarring, enlarged pores etc.

The instructions suggest using this weekly, however as I mostly only use the ultra-sensitive white disk, I actually use mine every other day (not sure if this is an okay thing to do but it seems to be okay for me) and my skin improved dramatically with literally the first use. I’ve even tested my theories out about this being a miracle worker by stopping my usage of it – and my acne broke out straight away! I think this product really helps my other products absorb into my skin more easily, which then makes them more effective too!

This product is fairly pricey at £145, however once you’ve bought the initial machine, the replacement disks are only £15 which is quite affordable and I haven’t needed to even replace mine yet! And, although this was gifted I would 100% percent purchase it myself as it has improved my skin SO much!

Prior to using the PMD, which I use every other evening, I cleanse my face and dry it fully before using the device. This leads me nicely onto my first holy grail product…

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2. Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide, Purifying Cream Cleanser – (£25 but 15% off if you sign up to newsletter)

Wow, what did I do before I owned this cleanser. Hands down the best cleanser I have ever used. it’s a really creamy formula that melts away my make-up so easily and leaves my skin feeling so clean, fresh and soft af! The Ceramide formula also soothes and calms skin which I think is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or acne! I use this morning and night and this 125ml has lasted me forever, so the £25 is justifiable. Also added bonus of pretty gold packaging, what more could I ask for?

3. Acnecide: 5% w/w gel. (£10.49)

For my evening routine only, I’ll cleanse, use my PMD (every other night), and then use Acnecide. This is the only product I use to actually treat my spots. It contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, which is slightly weaker than what your doctor may prescribe you for your acne, however this can be bought over the counter, including Boots & Superdrug pharmacy. When I began using this when my skin was literallyy 10x worse than it is now, I used it morning and night. I will warn you that it dries your skin out soooo much, but that is the purpose of Benzoyl Peroxide. Although my skin was literally so dry it was flaking off and got almost itchy, it did clear it up quite a bit. Once your skin actually gets used to benzoyl peroxide it stops drying out quite so much, and now my skin is a little clearer I only use this in the evenings and it doesn’t really dry it out at all. It’s not a complete miracle cure, but it definitely helped me a lot more than any other treatments I’ve tried. I’ll pop in some pictures from when I was at the worse point of having acne here, just so you can get an idea of how much this routine has helped me…

acne journey

There are two downsides to acnecide and they are that a) it is pretty much impossible to apply makeup over the top of it (hence why I now only use it at night time) but this used to really bother me when I wore it both morning and night, and b) Benzoyl peroxide literally bleaches everything, so don’t use your favourite towel to dry your face the next morning, and be careful of your bed sheets etc.

So, evening routine: Cleanse, PMD, Acnecide. Morning routine: Cleanse & Moisturise..

acne journey
4. Moisturiser; La Roche Posay, Effaclar Duo (£16.50)

I have struggled to find a good moisturiser for a while now, I’ve had a few that seem to be okay for a little while, but then eventually my skin seems to want to change to something else. The only one I have so far found that my skin is constituently ok with is La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo.

The Effaclar range from La Roche Posay is aimed at blemish and acne-prone skin, and a few people actually recommended the range and moisturiser to me on Instagram. I’d actually given up with trying to find a good moisturiser at this point, but I spoke to my mum about it around Christmas time, and the little cutie obviously remembered and I had one in my stocking (thanks Mum)!

It is such a lovely light moisturiser that seems to absorb into my skin so easily, and almost has a gel-like formula. It actually helps to fight against blemishes and blackheads, and helps to “reduce inflammation” meaning less red marks on your face caused from the spots. I love that this moisturiser has SPF 30, which I definitely need as the Benzoyl peroxide in the Acnecide can make you more sensitive to the sun, and it saves me having to use two different products. The moisturiser is really light, smells nice and is acne friendly. So many moisturisers make my pores just feel clogged and horrible, but this is totally the opposite. Also a perfect base for applying my make-up.

I will literally say this about every product on this list, but I just cannot recommend them enough – It’s taken me 8 months of searching but this moisturiser is honestly THE best. It’s also pretty affordable as it lasts forever. I may try some more products out from the Effaclar range too!

5: Eye Roll-On; Botanic’s, All bright (£8.99)

The only other skincare product I use is an eye roll on. Botanics is a brand that I think is really impressive anyway, its all about ‘plant powered skincare that really works.’ This little eye roll-on I use in the morning as it contains Hibiscus, which is known for its brightening properties, perfect for my under eyes in the morning. I also just love this part of my routine as its so cook and refreshing. Really affordable too so a win-win!

Enjoy a pic of me earlier today finally embracing my bare skin & loving it (lashes, brows and lipgloss still a vibe tho). Hopefully you can see the improvement in my skin from the first pics!

skincare carried---away

And, that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my five skincare essentials for my acne-prone skin! If you struggle with acne I would love to know what you’re favourite products are, or if you just in general wanna have a chat about your skin – can’t believe how many of you I’ve already had chats with on Insta, then literally pop me a DM. I 100% know how stressful acne can be and if you just wanna have a little moan about it then I’m all ears! Try your very hardest to not let your acne get you down & know there are so many more qualities to you than a few red bumps on your skin. As always, thanks for reading!

P.S. If theres any other skin related questions you’d like to know or would like a blog post on – let me know! I’ve had to change a few things around in my everyday life to stop these breakouts like my diet and my make-up, so let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!


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