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Oooh, what this we have here – a new post idea for my blog? Indeed. Homeware lust list. I’m obsessed with interior design, decor and homeware, and since finally moving out into our own flat I’ve managed to start getting my own furniture and create my own space. However, when we first moved in we were on such a tight budget because of the move and the deposit that we couldn’t really afford to splash out on the design of the place. Alas, the last few months I’ve finally been able to start getting quality homeware piece to make our home just feel a little more us. Seen as I’ve been doing so much browsing, I thought I’d do a little blog post on the recent bits I’ve seen that would make great additions to most interiors! So here we have (perhaps a one off, perhaps a series) the ‘Homeware Lust List’.

1. H&M Cotton Storage Basket, £17.99
Obsessed with storage baskets at the moment, and especially love this little gem from h&m home, in the colour ‘beige marl’. So handy for storage (hide all that mess) whilst also adding to the interior, win win.

2. River Island White Octagon Planter, £30.00
I love these raised planters that seem to be everywhere at the moment! Perfect way to add a little more greenery into the room, without having to always put plants on shelves etc! Looks great as a cluster of three as pictures too.

3. Zara Home, Cutlery with Wood Effect Handle, £2.99 – £3.99
Yes Zara home, how cute are these wooden handle knives and forks! Would be perfect for a footy flat-lay! Also, so affordable, especially if you only need a few!

4. Zara Home, Porcelain Bone China Slogan Mug, £9.99
Another tableware need from Zara. This cute ‘lets talk’ slogan mug. Probably have far too many mugs in my house but still can’t resist when I see cute ones like this!

5. Next Home, Amsterdam Console Table, £375
Definitely still need to save for this one, but I have been searching for the perfect console table since we moved in and this exactly what i’m after! Would match with almost any interior so it would be kept forever!

6. Megan Bowdler Designs, Cushion, £30
Love the design of this faux suede cushion, and would match my grey theme in the bedroom perfectly. If I wasn’t already obsessed enough with grey interiors, Mrs Hinch has now made me want to paint the whole house grey too! Gimme allll the grey decor!

7. Next Home, Set of 2 Botanical Hanging Frames, £22
Love love love these frames from Next, a lovely way to add more greenery into your home without having an actual plant!

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